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Florida Couple Swaps Wedding Bouquet Toss For ‘Cat Toss’ To Raise Awareness For Pet Adoption

Florida Couple Swaps Wedding Bouquet Toss For ‘Cat Toss’ To Raise Awareness For Pet Adoption

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Weddings are a time for couples to add their own unique touch, and Cassie and Jonathan Roth from Tampa, Florida, did just that. 

Believe it or not, in a delightful twist, they replaced the classic bouquet toss with a “cat toss” at their reception. Let’s dive into their story!

Now, before we continue, here’s a quick disclaimer: No cats were harmed during this wedding ceremony. This Tampa-based couple didn’t toss a real cat; instead, they opted for a soft, velvety plush toy that looked like a black cat with sparkling gold-rimmed eyes.

The clever idea behind this was that whoever catches the feline plushy commits to adopting a rescue kitten. 

It was a sweet nod to the couple’s love for cats and a creative way to include them in their wedding festivities.

The concept was brought to life with help from Ilana Karcinski and Kelly Nova, founders of FairyTail Pet Care

Their business specializes in wedding day pet care, aiming to assist couples in including their furry friends in the most special day of their lives.

Although only one of Cassie’s bridesmaids caught the plushy, FairyTail Pet Care made sure more than one kitty got adopted that night. By collaborating with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay they brought five adorable kittens to the wedding!

During the cocktail hour, guests had the opportunity to mingle with the kittens, enjoying cocktails named after Roth’s cats, and decide whether they’d like to go home with a new feline friend.

Cassie shared that she and Jonathan bonded over their love for cats since high school. So, including cats in their wedding seemed like a natural choice. She said:

“We wanted to incorporate cats somehow in our wedding and help a few animals in need. Everyone loved it — they said they’d never been to a wedding like that.”

Who wouldn’t love it, really?! This is probably the best wedding-related idea I have ever heard of!

This unique “cat toss” moment was shared by FairyTail Pet Care on their TikTok profile and quickly went viral, garnering over 4 million views. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

For Ilana and Kelly, this was just one more inventive way to help couples celebrate their love for pets on their wedding day.

What about you? How would you include your furry friend in your big day? Would you try a “cat toss,” or do you have another idea? Let me know in the comments below!

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