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List Of 20 Cats With Gloriously Fluffy Tails

List Of 20 Cats With Gloriously Fluffy Tails

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Every cat is beautiful in its way, but cats with bushy and fluffy tails are definitely on the next level.

Not only do their tails serve as means of communication to express their moods, they also look fabulous and gorgeous. 

If you don’t believe me, just keep scrolling and check out the following pictures of cats with gloriously fluffy tails, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

1. Shakespurr knows his tail is fabulous

2. Emmett, a handsome bushy-tailed kitty in a hoodie

It was suggested that Emmett should belong to this sub…
by u/DanishWhoreHens in bottlebrush

3. Your cat’s Tinder picture be like…

5 month old, proud of his tail
by u/caffeism in bottlebrush

4. Bushy-tailed and bright-eyed ginger cream

5:30 am bright eyed and bushy tailed
by u/Dabo57 in bottlebrush

5. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your… tail

Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your… tail.
by u/youngcatlady88 in bottlebrush

6. Is that another cat, or is it just Alfie’s tail?!

by u/jusinda-cats in bottlebrush

7. Lorenzo owns the place and he knows it!

I was told Lorenzo belongs over here…
by u/petitechat37 in bottlebrush

8. I bet Fred isn’t allowed on the counter but gets on the counter anyway

Fred might belong here
by u/placek1 in bottlebrush

9. The great North American house squirrel

The great North American house squirrel
by u/lavenderteacupcake in bottlebrush

10. This office assistant might become the next scenery brush

11. This lifeguard has a fluffy tail to save you!

Very nice floofer
by u/meandtheboisat3amtry in bottlebrush

12. Umm, can I have some privacy, please?

13. The definition of floof

had to post!
by u/UpwardsBeliever in bottlebrush

14. I’m sure that most squirrels envy this tail!

15. Simon is a real supermeowdel!

Simon knows he’s a handsome boy
by u/funnybunnybee in bottlebrush

16. Don’t cha wish your kitty was fluffy like me!

17. “Hold my tail while I gaze, peasant.”

Kiwi is so pretty
by u/nesteased in bottlebrush

18. You’re late to brush my tail, AGAIN!

Her tail is almost bigger than her
by u/djsweatmo in bottlebrush

19. Shake that tail feather!

Shake that tail feather
by u/nukicooncat in bottlebrush

20. If it sits, well, you know how it goes…

My bottlebrush came folded in the box. Return for a refund or keep?
by u/DreamyChuu in bottlebrush

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