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Do Cats Eat Ducks? Things You Need To Pay Attention To

Do Cats Eat Ducks? Things You Need To Pay Attention To

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No matter how sweet they may seem, our feline friends are predators in nature as well as obligate carnivores, which means that wild cats or feral cats hunt their prey in order to feed themselves and survive. Even our domestic cats have that natural hunting instinct. 

However, if you live on a farm or somewhere you have other animals besides cats, you need to pay close attention to avoid possible accidents. For example, one of the animals that cats attack most are ducks.

So, if you have ducks, you may wonder do cats eat ducks? Will your kitty attack, and eventually kill, an adult duck or a young duckling?

The short answer is yes, but let’s clarify that further on in the article. Read on and learn how to keep your animals safe and happy and get them used to living together.

Do Cats Eat Ducks?

little kitten and duck standing on grass

If you’re reading this article, perhaps you are worried about the rest of the animals that you have, besides your cat (or cats). In these situations, most cat owners wonder do cats eat ducks or if the ducks are safe with them. 

Well, I have to disappoint you because cats do eat ducks. As previously mentioned, feral or wild cats hunt their prey in order to survive, and ducks are one of the potential targets.

Although our domestic house cats who are fed regularly every day are less likely to attack ducks, it may happen out of curiosity or play, as it’s their natural instinct. 

However, if you teach your young pet cat how to behave towards other smaller animals that may be potential prey, you shouldn’t worry.

Perhaps your domestic kitty won’t hurt the duck, but there’s a high chance that the cat will eat duck eggs, which are very beneficial for them as they’re rich in protein.

Will Cats Attack And Kill Ducks?

If your cat isn’t trained properly or not used to other animals such as ducks and similar, it may happen that your cat attacks a duck. However, whether the cat will kill and eat a duck depends on her own skills and intention. 

For example, feral cats attack their prey in order to kill it and eat it, while domestic cats may attack or hunt other animals out of boredom, play, and similar things, as it’s in their nature. 

My cat, Luna, often likes to chase and hunt birds. Once, she managed to catch a small bird. She didn’t know how to kill it, which makes me think that she caught it just for fun. Luckily, the bird survived without injuries.

In some cases, it’s possible that cats kill ducks, especially helpless little ducklings, with a simple pounce. They’re smaller and easier to catch, but also extremely fragile. 

Still, there are things you can do to keep them separated if they cannot live together, thus keeping both sides safe and healthy without injuries or possible stress.

Is It Safe For Ducks To Be Near Cats?

orange cat looking at little duck

Considering the previously mentioned things, it’s not completely safe for ducks to be near cats. Only if your cat doesn’t seem interested in ducks and similar animals can it be safe. 

If your feline friend can’t stop hunting and attacking ducks, then it’s not safe, and you need to find a solution to keep them safe and uninjured.

Another reason why ducks aren’t safe near cats is because cats can often be extremely territorial, especially males, so they may not like other animals being in their territory. 

Therefore, cats may attack ducks because they’re invading their territory, rather than because they’re going to eat them.

Can Ducks Protect Themselves From Cat Attacks?

Now that you know that cats usually attack ducks and may eat them too, you may have wondered how ducks react to that, that is, can they protect themselves or their offspring? 

Ducks will rarely be able to protect themselves from cat attacks. Cats have extremely sensitive senses, which help them during hunting, and their reflexes are incredibly fast, which is great for them but not for the potential prey. 

Therefore, in most cases, ducks cannot fight off cats; only if they fly or swim away from cats can they save themselves. Especially if the duck is in water, the cat will not try to catch it because they don’t like getting wet.

On the other hand, some brave and fierce ducks may decide to confront cats and fight back. It may sound funny, but ducks have strong beaks that they use to attack. Although they have no teeth, their beaks are so strong that they can leave cats with cuts or lacerations.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Attacking Ducks?

orange kitten and duck standing on grass

All of this previously mentioned information leads to only one question, and that is how to protect average ducks from cats. 

There are several different things you can do to keep them safe and uninjured. So, check out the following tips:

1. Train Your Cat Properly From A Young Age

Training your cat from a young age, including socialization, is crucial for many different things. You should train the cat properly and socialize it from a young age in order to get a well-behaved cat who gets along with pretty much anyone. 

The most challenging part of the training will be getting your cat used to other animals. If younger, smaller cats are surrounded by different animals, especially larger ducks, from the first day, it’s most likely that they will get along well with them. 

However, if you get an adult cat and put it with other animals all of a sudden, you may have many issues as the cat isn’t used to these animals. 

Therefore, the cat may react aggressively or it may become stressed and hide often as it doesn’t feel comfortable in that environment. Still, that issue can also be fixed, but you need to be patient and persistent.

2. Introduce Your Cat To Different Animals Properly

black cat with animals in background

So, if you plan on introducing your adult cat to ducks and other animals for the first time, make sure you introduce them properly and let them get to know each other. 

A proper introduction is of great importance because it allows both animals to have enough time to safely get used to each other. Always make sure you supervise them during the early period.

3. Keep Your Cat Indoors

If your cat cannot be friendly towards ducks and other animals after you have tried many different things, then the best thing to do is to keep your cat indoors. 

By keeping your cat indoors, it will be able to enjoy a comfortable home and safe environment. At the same time, the ducks will be able to enjoy a secure area without potential predator attacks or accidents.

4. Keep Your Ducks In A Safe Area

Regardless of whether you keep your cat indoors or outdoors, putting your ducks in a safe area will be very effective. That way, a cat won’t be able to approach them and disturb them, but the ducks and ducklings will be safe and able to enjoy their freedom.

Can Cats Eat Duck Meat?

orange cat touching duck

It’s common knowledge that cats are obligate carnivores, which means that their diet requires real meat and animal protein in order to receive the essential nutrients that they need to survive. 

With that being said, there are many different types of cat food, including those that consist of duck meat which turned out to be beneficial for cats. So, keep reading and find out which benefits cats can get from eating duck meat.

Benefits Of Cats Eating Duck Meat

• Duck meat is rich in protein and can provide our cats with many necessary nutrients.

Duck meat contains zinc, iron, and vitamin B, which are important for a cat’s diet.

• Duck meat may be perfect for cats with food allergies or sensitivities to other types of meat. Therefore, it is a great nutritional alternative, especially if you’re looking for a special treat for your kitty.

Ensure you feed your cat plain cooked duck meat without adding any seasoning. For even better nutritional value, you can mix it with some other type of meat, thus reducing the risk of duck allergy.

Drawbacks Of Cats Eating Duck Meat

Just as everything has certain benefits, it’s normal that it has certain drawbacks too. Therefore, you should be careful when feeding your cat duck meat. Keep reading and find out why!

• Cats can benefit most from eating beef, chicken, turkey, and similar types of meat.

Cats may develop a duck allergy if they consume duck more than other types of meat.

• Avoid feeding your cat raw duck meat due to possible salmonella contamination. Instead, make sure it is cooked and properly prepared, and safe for your feline friend.

Closing Thoughts

kitten playing with little duck on grass

So, if you plan on getting cats and ducks, it would be best to adopt them both at a young age so that they can properly grow with each other and get used to each other’s company.

This is extremely important because many cat parents wonder do cats eat ducks, and the answer is yes, they do. Feral or wild cats tend to attack and kill ducks in order to eat them and survive. 

On the other hand, our domestic cats are less likely to eat the duck, but they may hunt them out of their curiosity, playfulness, or simply because they’re in the cat’s territory.

Even though everyone thinks that cats are the ones who always start the fight, here’s an interesting video that proves that cats are not the only ones to start the fight. It also shows us that some cats and ducks enjoy playing or cuddling with each other. 

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