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A Dog Person Brings Home A Black Cat And Discovers He’s Incredibly Smart

A Dog Person Brings Home A Black Cat And Discovers He’s Incredibly Smart

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We, cat lovers, already know that felines are incredibly smart creatures, even though sometimes they don’t appear so. However, this black beauty pushes boundaries and will sweep you off your feet with its intelligence!

This is Leonard, the smartest cat you’ll ever meet! He even amazed dog people with his great mind!

But how is Leonard so smart? Is this something innate, or was he trained? No one knows the answer for sure because he came to his new family in a bit unusual way. 

Michelle, who had always been a dog person, unexpectedly ended up with Leonard. She said: 

“My husband and I had always been dog people. My kids are grown, and one of them wanted a cat. So, when she moved out, she just kept going by this shelter and seeing him there, week after week. Nobody was adopting him…”

Her daughter just couldn’t stop thinking about this black cat, and she felt like it was her destiny to adopt him and give him a lovely home. So, she adopted him!

However, six months later, she had to move out of the place where she was staying. So, she needed her mom to take care of Leonard temporarily until she found a new place for them. Michelle said:

“I really refused at first. I’m like, you know, I’m allergic. I can’t, I can’t. And she’s like, mom, please, you have to take him.”

Well, Michelle had no choice but to take Leonard in. At first, she had slight symptoms, but luckily, she adjusted quickly. 

What helped her even more was that she found a wipe online. The solution is to wipe your cat once a day, and voilà, no allergy worries. 

After spending more and more time with Leonard, Michele soon discovered that he’s a super smart cat. He knew many different tricks, and he adored different cat toys.

One of his favorite toys is a mini-billiard table. However, what’s even more interesting is that he’s not hitting balls randomly on the table, but he uses the white ball to hit the other ones, like in real billiards. It’s amazing!

When Michelle saw what this gorgeous black cat could do, she was left speechless. She said:

“This cat has a lot of dog-like qualities. That was super shocking to me.”

Leonard even learned how to roll over like a dog, so who says that cats can’t do what dogs can? I believe that Leonard is proof that cats are amazing as well.

Despite his intelligence, Leonard also has an attitude, meaning he wants everything to be on time. So, they provided him with a little bell for him to ring whenever he wants something. 

Leonard is sweet and cuddly but in a bit of an unusual way. You never really know what he wants. At first, he comes to you asking for cuddles, and the next minute he’s running away from you. Michelle said:

“When he wants to be cuddly, then he comes to you, and he’ll put his head down and wanna touch his forehead to your forehead, or let you kiss him on the nose, or let you pet him.”

Leonard also meows loudly in the morning or when he demands his breakfast and dinner. But, when he needs attention, he meows softly and becomes lovelier. Still, his mind is busy most of the day because he has a lot of treat toys to play with.

When they saw Leonard for the first time in their lives, they never thought it would be like that. Michelle said:

“He just became such an important part of our lives that when my daughter found a place to live, she’s like, I realized there’s no way I’m gonna take him back from you, he’s your cat now!”

Leonard is very lovely and careful, especially when Michelle’s parents come over for dinner and game night. He loves the couple and enjoys their company. He lets them play their games, but as long as he’s the center of attention.

They even found a way to safely let Leonard outdoors without him escaping or similar. So, they provided him with a small contraption, a plastic straw that’s attached to a cat harness

Thanks to that, he can safely come outside and hang out with his favorite humans, but he can’t go through the fence. Michelle also said:

“It doesn’t matter how hard our day is at work, how we’re feeling, or what’s bringing you down, you always know you just have this little bit of sunshine at home waiting for you to take all of your worries away.”

Michelle also added that she’s so happy she got the opportunity to become a cat person. And that’s why I always say: you can’t say you’re not a cat person if you never had a cat in your life, right?

I’m so happy for them, and if you want to read more stories like this one, then hurry up and visit our website where all kinds of stories hide!

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