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Employee Brings Her Foster Kitten To Work Who Decides To “Help” Her With The Job

Employee Brings Her Foster Kitten To Work Who Decides To “Help” Her With The Job

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In a quiet graphic design office, a heartwarming story unfolds. A compassionate employee decided to bring a tiny kitten into her foster care, and she brought this little bundle of joy to the workplace. 

The reason? This adorable calico kitten required round-the-clock bottle feeding and, of course, some companionship. Meet Joey, the newest, and furriest, addition to the office!

adopted kitten on the desk

As an active foster parent for the local shelter, Young Williams Animal Center, the kind-hearted woman from Knoxville, Tennessee, couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Joey alone at home. 

So, she brought her along to the office. Joey needed feeding every few hours, but she also craved the warmth of human company.

adopted kitten walks on the desk

The once-quiet office was now filled with the delightful sounds of Joey’s mews every few hours, signaling her feeding time. She became an essential part of the team, even making the occasional “keyboard inspection.”

The woman’s colleague shared on Reddit, 

“We hear little squeaky mews every four hours when she has to be bottle-fed.”

a foster kitten on the table is looking into a cup

“Most of the day she sleeps. Things will probably change once she’s older and needs to use a litter box.”

Named Joey for her love of cozy blankets and cuddles, this adorable furball found solace in between her feeds, enjoying blissful naps. Her presence brought joy and affection to everyone in the office.

adopted cat in the woman's lap on a blanket

As the days passed, it was evident that Joey had won everyone’s hearts. The employees eagerly anticipated their workdays, knowing that Joey would be there to brighten their tasks. 

Indeed, every office could benefit from a touch of purring assistance!

After a hard day’s “work,” Joey would curl up in her foster mom’s lap, bringing a sense of fulfillment and contentment to the office.

adopted kitten sleeps on woman's arm

In just a few days, Joey had woven her way into their lives, so much so that her foster mom decided something wonderful: Joey’s temporary home would become her forever home.

Who could resist saying goodbye to such an adorable ball of fluff? Joey, with her endearing presence and willingness to lend a paw, had become more than just a co-worker; she was now family.

cute kitten sitting on the table

Here she is getting ready to make her foster home her fur-ever home!

adopted kitten on the car seat

At three months old, Joey continues to thrive, offering her unique brand of “help” to her mommy and colleagues at work.

adopted kitten sleeps on the desk

She loves going on walks with her fur-ever owner too. She is just a purrfect little feline friend. 

a kitten on a leash is sitting and looking at the camera

And after a long day of playing, “hard work”, walks, and yummy treats, Joey falls asleep snuggled next to her fur-ever friend. 

the kitten is sleeping in the bed

She’s not just a terrific little helper; she’s an extraordinary and cherished pet. Joey’s story serves as a heartwarming reminder that sometimes, the best colleagues have fur, whiskers, and a whole lot of love to give.

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