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Family Says One Last Goodbye To Their Beloved Cat But Fate Surprises Them With Unexpected Gift

Family Says One Last Goodbye To Their Beloved Cat But Fate Surprises Them With Unexpected Gift

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Saying goodbye to your cherished feline companion, with whom you’ve spent many joyful years, is never an easy task. 

Some folks might disagree, but losing a cat often feels like losing a beloved family member. The void these fluffy creatures leave behind once they’re gone is hardly replaceable; it’s usually there to stay.

The family in our story today would undoubtedly agree with me. They recently had to cope with the loss of Zissou, a lovely black kitty who was a part of their lives for over a decade. I’m sure it wasn’t the easiest experience to go through. 

little girl with cat on couch
Credit: kacie 

The moment Zissou entered their lives, an instant connection formed, as if they had always been destined to meet.

The family adored Zissou – and their love was reciprocated! It was evident to everyone that they were a match made in heaven.

Seven years after his arrival, the family welcomed an adorable baby girl. They worried about Zissou’s reaction, fearing he might be jealous, but he pleasantly surprised them all. Zissou adored his new human friend and quickly claimed her as his own.

baby with black cat
Credit: kacie 

He became her protector and constant companion. Not a day passed without them spending every second of it together, sharing life side by side. 

As days went by, their bond only became stronger. Zissou was the girl’s first real friend. Unfortunately, things soon took a turn for the worse.

baby hugging a cat
Credit: kacie 

The family started to notice Zissou’s change in behavior. Concerned he might be sick, they rushed him to the vet for a thorough examination.

Their assumptions soon proved true. Zissou was diagnosed with cancer, which shattered their heart into a million pieces. 

The vet informed them about the severity of his condition, letting them know that he probably wouldn’t make it. This meant that they would soon have to say goodbye to their beloved kitty.

black cat sitting with little girl
Credit: kacie 

When Zissou crossed the Rainbow Bridge, the family was devastated. They all grieved for days but had to put on a brave face for their daughter, the one person who missed Zissou the most. 

One day, the thought of adopting another cat crossed their mind. So they decided to visit their local Petsmart, just to explore and see what they might find. 

As they were looking around, a cat named Roux captured their attention. At that moment they felt as though Zissou was speaking to them:

“I know you miss me. I don’t want you to be sad. It’s okay to love another kitty.”

So, even though they were still grieving, they allowed Roux to crawl into their hearts. 

cat next to the glass
Credit: kacie 

And just like that, a new friendship blossomed. The daughter opened her heart to Roux and soon grew to love her new feline companion. 

Of course, their relationship was never supposed to replace the one she had with Zissou, because he could never be replaced.

Every cat is different in her own way and able to provide her humans with a type of feline love that’s unique only to them. 

The girl and Roux eventually formed their own bond and became good buddies – just like she and Zissou once were.

cute little girl posing with cat
Credit: kacie 

When I was a little girl, I also lost a furry companion. Healing was exceptionally difficult because Bella was my first friend, too; we spent every second of the day together, and I basically grew up with her. 

Going through all stages of grief seemed impossible at the time, but I managed to do it by reminding myself about Bella and her friendly and affectionate personality. 

I knew deep down that she would’ve wanted for me to continue with my feline obsession. Thanks to her, I’m such a devoted cat aficionado today. 

I remember her every day and feel like she’s behind all the stray kitties that I ever stumbled upon. She sent all of them to fill the void in my heart, give me purpose, and put a smile on my face.

smiling little girl holding a cat in arms
Credit: kacie 

Just like Zissou did by sending Roux to watch over his dear friend. 

Dear Zissou, wherever the Rainbow Bridge has taken you, I hope you’re having a blast. Please say hi to my dear Bella and let her know she’s greatly missed. 

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