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15 Cartoon Cats That Won’t Be Forgotten Very Easily

15 Cartoon Cats That Won’t Be Forgotten Very Easily

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My favorite childhood memories are associated directly with cartoons. Every night before bedtime my parents would give me a glass of milk and put on my favorite cartoon, which was Sylvester the Cat.

Only now do I understand why he’s my all-time favorite cartoon character – because he is a cat! Or do I love cats this much because Sylvester made my childhood the best? Well, I think it works both ways. 

I’ve always loved cartoons, and I honestly believe that you’re never too old to watch them, especially if they warm your heart like Looney Tunes does mine. 

The following cats from cartoons are the most famous cat characters in cartoon history. Even though new characters are “born” each day, I believe these 15 cats will go down in history. 

1. Sylvester (Looney Tunes)

Sylvester is my favorite cat cartoon character of all time! He is the main cat character in the Looney Tunes universe. Sylvester first appeared in 1945 and we all know him for being Tweety’s archenemy. 

Similar to Tom & Jerry, Sylvester’s only aim is to catch Tweety bird, but yet somehow he never succeeds. Granny is their owner and in some episodes, we see a bulldog in their yard as well. 

Sylvester frequently gets in trouble with many other characters throughout the show. Sufferin’ Succotash! 

2. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is probably the most popular Japanese cat ever and is famous around the whole world. Her official name is Kitty White and she first appeared in 1974. Even though she’s a Japanese brand, the cat character is British. 

At the time, British culture was very popular in Japan, and even though she first appeared in order to promote merchandise, they continued to make cartoons and it is now one of the most popular media franchises of all time. 

3. Tom (Tom & Jerry) 

Tom is a cartoon cat that will be learned about in history books! Lol, jokes aside, I believe that his character, as well as Jerry’s, will live as long as there’s internet. 

The cartoon first appeared in 1940, and it’s been playing ever since. Hanna-Barbera studios recorded many films, video games, and spin-offs, plus the Tom and Jerry show inspired a “show within a show” – Itchy and Scratchy from The Simpsons. 

4. The Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat is one of the most popular characters in the classic book, Alice in Wonderland. The cat also appears in the film and in other adaptations of the work. 

The most important ability of the Cheshire Cat is the ability to disappear and appear as it wishes. The cat’s name actually comes from a saying that was very popular at the time the story was written. 

The saying, to “grin like a Cheshire Cat” means to smile broadly, and that’s exactly how this cat smiles.

5. Felix The Cat

It is widely believed that Felix is the oldest cartoon cat in the history of cartoons since he first appeared in 1919. Even though he’s ancient, his popularity seems to be timeless. 

We still see him in many games, animations, and all around the media. Many believe that because of him, Felix is among the top famous domestic cat names.

6. Pink Panther

The music, the jokes, the pink… I simply loved everything about the Pink Panther. I used to watch every episode of it back in the day when we would wait for the show to come on TV and watch an episode or two per day. 

Those were the days… Anyway, the Pink Panther is not a house cat per se, he is a panther as his name says but still, a wild cat. He is one of the most popular cartoon cats ever, and he has been around since 1963. 

I believe that the iconic theme song will outlive us all.

7. Garfield

I believe everybody knows Garfield. He’s a cartoon cat who hates Mondays and loves lasagna, relate much? 

Garfield is one smart cat, I just loved how he outsmarted Odie the dog and their owner Jon, so many times. This is a quality cartoon that will definitely make history. 

8. Meowth

Meowth brings back some memories… My sister and I used to love him, even though he belonged to the “evil” side in the Pokemon cartoons. 

When we were little I always imagined I had a cat just like Meowth, lol. Relax, I’m all grown up now and I know I can’t have Pokemon… Unlike most of the other Pokemon, Meowth can speak, which is unusual since they mostly say their name or speak telepathically.

Team Rocket and Meowth are “the bad guys” even though they actually bring the comic element to the Pokemon episodes. Team Rocket had many Pokemon, but Meowth is the constant! Pokemon would not be the same without him. 

9. Puss In Boots

Hahaha, I always laugh at this scene: “Pray for mercy from Puss… in Boots” lol, how he says it. Anyways, Puss in Boots made quite an appearance and stayed in the Shrek franchise all the way. 

His popularity in Shrek granted him his own movies, with more sequels to come. I believe there are many of us (young and old) who love watching these cartoons. 

10. The Cat In The Hat

Dr. Seuss’s The Cat In The Hat is one of the best cartoon cat characters there is. I believe there’s not a kid who doesn’t like this cat and his adventures. 

In the show, he entertains two kids while their mom is at work. He uses many tricks and his hat, of course, so they can have fun, and then after, he uses a special machine to clean up all the mess before mom gets home. 

11. Tigger

Oh, the wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things! Lol, I still love this song. Tigger was actually my favorite character in the Winnie the Pooh cartoons, and I firmly believed that a best friend should be just like him. 

12. Simba

Simba is the protagonist of The Lion King cartoons, and interestingly his name means lion in Swahili. I’m sure everyone loves Simba and how he returns to take back what’s his! 

To be honest, I’m still heartbroken about Mufasa… but I’m thrilled Simba fought Scar and reclaimed the throne.

13. Duchess From The Aristocats

There are many Disney cat characters famous for one thing or another, but The Aristocats, and especially Duchess, captured a large audience. 

Duchess is the main character of The Aristocats; she is the pet of a certain aristocrat, which is where the name of the cartoon comes from. 

14. Snagglepuss

Oh, I used to love the Hanna-Barbera cartoons; they were my whole childhood! Snagglepuss might not be the most famous cat today, but I’m sure he won’t easily be forgotten. He is the first pink cat, appearing years before the Pink Panther

Snagglepuss is best known for his role in The Yogi Bear Show, but he has made an appearance in many TV commercials, and he also has a DC comic of his own. 

Another interesting thing about him are the speculations of his sexuality that arose later on, proclaiming him gay. If you ask me, that’s kind of badass considering that he appeared in 1959. 

15. Figaro

Figaro is a beloved Disney cat character that originally appeared in the 1940s version of Pinocchio. Today, Figaro is Minnie Mouse’s pet cat. Walt Disney himself was a fan of Figaro and he instructed the producers to show Figaro as much as possible in Pinocchio.

Then, after the successful film, Figaro went on to become Minnie’s cat, a role he still plays even today.

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