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After Being Given A Tasty Meal, Feral Cat Comes Back With Her Kittens Hoping The Family Would Feed Them Too

After Being Given A Tasty Meal, Feral Cat Comes Back With Her Kittens Hoping The Family Would Feed Them Too

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Whoever thinks that cats aren’t smart creatures is wrong, and this story about a feral kitty will prove it to you. 

This feral cat came to a family who gave her food. However, what surprised everyone was that later she came back with her four little kittens.

Cats are smart and caring creatures. Thanks to their remarkable senses, they’re able to sense bad energy and friendly people. It looks like this kitty quickly realized that the family she visited wouldn’t harm her, so she felt safe there.

The cat needed to take care of her four little kittens, and what she did was simply remarkable. 

The mother cat brought her kittens to visit the same family that fed her, in the hope that they would feed her babies too. 

Here’s how it all started!

Kurt and Melanie are cat lovers and they have always taken care of homeless cats and kittens. At one point, they couldn’t adopt any more cats, as they had a lot of them, but they never stopped helping cats in need.

They have been providing food to stray and feral cats and they have even made cat shelters in the backyard so they can have a safe place to rest.

One day, a shy, stray black cat found her way to this couple’s house looking for help. She found some food that the couple had left out for cats in need, but after a few bites, she left.

The couple thought that the cat was just a little bit hungry and that it would come back tomorrow or maybe not come back at all, like some other cats had.

So, what happened next surprised the couple! 

Later on, the black cat came back, but this time, she wasn’t alone. She brought her four little kittens, hoping that whoever helped her would help and feed her babies too.

Mother love and instinct isn’t only remarkable in humans, but in animals as well. You can see that this black cat was taking good care of her babies. She wasn’t hopeless and she would do anything to keep her babies safe, just like any mother. 

When Kurtis and Melanie saw that, they were more than happy to help. They provided the cat and her kittens with food and water, but not just that! They also provided them with shelter, and a lot of love and affection.

After seeing and experiencing all of that, I think that the mother cat had zero regrets because she knew they were safe in Kurtis and Melanie’s hands.

The couple didn’t want it to end like that; they wanted to provide the kittens with a better life and a fur-ever home, so they decided to put the kittens up for adoption. 

They took some time to socialize the kittens properly so they would be ready for their future homes.

Soon after that, two of these black beauties found their loving families, but the other two didn’t have enough luck immediately. 

Other two kittens were named Kurt and Mel in honor of their rescuers. The main problem was that they were a bonded pair, meaning they couldn’t be separated.

Still, the couple didn’t give up. They hoped that someone would eventually be glad to adopt two bonded kitties. They even received help from the rescue group Chatons Orphelins.

Luckily, Kurt and Mel (the cats) also found a loving family where they will be safe for the rest of their lives.

None of this would have happened if it weren’t for Kurtis and Melanie, and especially if it weren’t for the mother cat who trusted these people and wanted to provide her babies with a better life.

I think that this is a true example of a mother’s love conquering all!

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