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Cat Found Trapped Under Heavy Rocks With Paralyzed Legs Sparking A Dramatic Rescue

Cat Found Trapped Under Heavy Rocks With Paralyzed Legs Sparking A Dramatic Rescue

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Danger lurks from every corner when it comes to our beloved feline companions. Whether they’re indoor cats or strays, accidents can happen in a blink of an eye.

This morning I stumbled upon a story that left me heartbroken, so let me tell you all about it. 

feral cat trapped
Credit: YouTube

A group of friends was road-tripping through the country and as many of us do, they were filming their trip so one day they could look back at it with a smile on their face.

Little did they know, their road trip was about to become a heartbreaking rescue mission…

cat trapped under rocks
Credit: YouTube

Once they turned into what seemed to be a backstreet, the boys noticed something moving under a pile of rocks and branches. 

The driver immediately stopped the car, and the group rushed out to see what was going on. As they approached the rock pile, one of the men yelled, as heard in the video:

“He’s stuck! He’s stuck!”

cat hissing
Credit: YouTube

A stray cat in a black and white coat was trying to wiggle his way out of the heavy rocks. However, it seemed like the rocks had fallen directly on him, leaving his back legs crushed. 

The boys knew they had to act swiftly to save the poor cat’s life. Once they came close to him, they realized it wouldn’t be an easy task at all. 

trapped cat
Credit: YouTube

The cat was extremely terrified and probably in such pain, that he started hissing at the boys whenever they reached out with their hands. 

They tried calming him down with some chicken they had left, but even this couldn’t calm down the poor soul. 

cat getting rescued
Credit: YouTube

With the help of some sticks, they pushed away some of the larger rocks. Since the cat was wiggling so hard, he managed to free his back legs from the heavy rocks.

This is when they learned the hard truth – his back legs were completely paralyzed. Once the heavy rocks came crashing down on him, they probably broke his back legs and his spine. 

photo of rescued cat
Credit: YouTube

It was now crucial to transport him to the closest animal hospital, but the poor boy was still afraid of everything.

He tried to crawl away from all these people, not knowing they were there to help him. One of the boys from the group took a jacket from his car, hoping to catch him like that. 

After a few failed attempts, he managed to catch the cat and secure him in a cardboard box in his car. 

cat getting examined
Credit: YouTube

The kind rescuers rushed the cat to an emergency vet and surrendered him to their professional care. 

I’m so grateful they stopped their car and decided to help a cat in need, and hopefully, the poor soul will find a loving home as soon as he recovers!

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