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13 Photos Of Cats (Not) Helping Their Owners At Work

13 Photos Of Cats (Not) Helping Their Owners At Work

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You need to write an important email? 

You really need to nail that interview?

You have a meeting with your boss in 2 minutes?

Too bad, because your furry friend absolutely does not care! Let’s take a look at 12 hilarious examples of cats (not) helping their owners on the job. 

1. Please, Make Time For Me

cute cat sitting on laptop
Photo from: @thatcatsabode

I would not be able to resist petting this kitty, even in the middle of a meeting…

2. I’m Not Talking To You Until You Give Me Affection

orange cat working
Photo from:@ogatoderodas

This kitty is not going to let its owner do its job without a playdate first. Or, it might just want to do the job as well, lol. 

3. Wait, I Think I Can Help You Out With This

cat looking at laptop
Photo from: @vnesh91

I bet this cat’s help is of great value. Just look at it! The cat really seems to know what it’s doing.

4. What Do You Mean I Shouldn’t Be Here?

cat stuck in shelf
Photo from: @drruthmacpete

“What do you mean I have to be of help and that I cannot spend my time finding new places to lounge in? I think I am the most important file in here!”

5. Here, Let Me Hold This

cat helping owner
Photo from: @dave_the_super_cat_and_phil

Well, pardon me, but this cat really seems like he has been fixing things around the house for a while now. 

6. Okay Human, It’s Time For You To Clock Out

fed up cat sitting on laptop
Photo from: @ripley_vs_samus

Let me report what I think this kitty has to say: 

Today we have supported our favorite hooman once again energetically at work! I, for example, have laid on the keyboard and shown my dream body in a meeting. Because she always babbles such weird stuff in meetings, I just muted her and she didn’t even notice.”

7. I Can Help You Out With This Presentation

cat looking at screen
Photo from: @machinesmy

This kitty seems to know what it’s doing! The presentation will be great, there’s no doubt about it.

8. The Chair Is Mine Now, Get Yourself A New One

funny cat lying in chair
Photo from: @puffygingergirl

What this cat’s trying to say is: “I’ve officially marked my area, please, find yourself a new territory.”

9. Nope, I’m Not Getting Off This Table

cat sitting by laptop
Photo from:@majwor_and_birjer

This kitty knows their owner’s job is paying for their treats, but just couldn’t resist distracting them for a minute or two!

10. Hurry Up, I Need A Treat

cat peeking behind table
Photo from:@wala_meow

All this cat is saying is: “Is it time now? Is it time now? Is it time now? I’m looking at you. It’s definitely time now for my treat!”

11. You Can’t See The Screen Properly? Too Bad

close shot of cat sitting by screen
Photo from:@charlitheshortitorti

This kitty even seems a bit …mad at their owner for giving all their attention to their work. If I were this cat’s owner, I would immediately stop working and start playing with my cat.

12. C’mon, How Can You Resist My Cuteness?

cute kitten playing by computer screen
Photo from:@leyaxie

I’m sure no cat owner would be able to resist this little ball of fluff. Just look at those big, sparkly eyes!

13. Listen, I’m Onto Some Great Ideas, Let Me Write Them Down

cat sitting on notepad
Photo from:@shoppingcatbijoux

All I would be thinking if I were this cat’s owner is: “Here’s my pen, write down any ideas you have, please!”

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