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Heroic Firefighters From New Orleans Revive Kitten With Special Oxygen Masks Designed For Animals

Heroic Firefighters From New Orleans Revive Kitten With Special Oxygen Masks Designed For Animals

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House fires occur more frequently than we might wish. This is very unfortunate, but even more so if it occurs in a pet-friendly home. 

In those cases, time is of vital importance! Every passing second becomes crucial if the life of an animal is to be preserved. 

To avoid tempting fate and risking being late to emergency veterinary clinics, some fire departments are equipped with special oxygen masks explicitly designed for animals in order to deliver immediate care.  

One such fire department is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, whose heroic rescue story we’re covering today.

A few years back, a fire broke out in a house on Columbus Street in the Seventh Ward, a famous historical neighborhood. 

Upon their arrival, firefighters immediately went to work, extinguishing the flames and helping everyone evacuate. Thankfully, the fire was small and didn’t cause much damage to the property.

Two resident cats managed to escape on their own without getting hurt. However, it did almost take the life of the third kitty – an orange tabby who was found lifeless in the hallway of the house near the flames. 

Luckily for her, the rescue team had just what she needed! They placed a cone-shaped oxygen mask on her head, and in a matter of minutes, she was brought back to life.

Doug Cardinale with the New Orleans Fire Department jokingly said:

“I guess he has eight more lives!”

The mask they used was made to suit dog snouts and cat faces. It comes with a large rubber seal at the base that ensures a snug fit and a continuous and correctly directed flow of oxygen.

Some other fire departments across the country have to improvise and devise on-the-spot solutions each time they encounter similar situations. 

Because of this, Invisible Fence, a company that designs pet fences for dogs and cats, came up with Project Breathea pet oxygen mask donation program whose goal is to provide fire departments and rescue units with oxygen mask kits. 

As of today, Project Breathe has donated over 25,000 masks and saved over 200 pet lives, which is an admirable accomplishment. Still, these numbers can (and should) improve, especially with collective efforts.

On their official website, the founders of this program are asking people to spread the word, stating:

“The Project Breathe Program thrives by word of mouth. So, we ask that you contact your local fire department to find out if they have these pet-saving kits. If they don’t, please refer them here, so they can check out Project Breathe Program and fill out a request form.”

I encourage all of us to follow their suggestion and contact our local fire department. Something seemingly insignificant as a phone call today can tomorrow save the life of a kitty or pup in need.

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