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We Salute These Amazing Firehouse Cats

We Salute These Amazing Firehouse Cats

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I have had many cats during my whole life, but none of them had a job! Lol. I could never picture one of my cats doing something as important as a firehouse cat. My cats would probably just sit around the fire station and judge the fire workers. 

However, these cats are different! Usually, most cat adoption or rescue situations unfold the same way. If it’s lucky enough, the cat finds happiness in its new home and enjoys it. But sometimes these rescue cats go a step further…

Here are five rescue cats that went on to become praised firehouse cats. Other than raising the mood at the firehouse station, these felines keep the station pest-free! 

Scout, The New York City Fire Kitty

cute cat with a hat in her arms
Photo from: @new_york_city_fire_kitty

The Ladder 7 Firehouse in NYC takes pride in its feline fire worker. Other than creating a good mood, Scout likes to wear knitted firefighter hats and is responsible for Engine 16 of the firehouse. 

the cat is sitting on the car seat
Photo from: @new_york_city_fire_kitty

However, as we can see here, her responsibilities seem to mostly revolve around taking a nap on the firetruck. 

Carlow, The FDNY Cat

a colorful cat sits on a fire truck
Photo from: @carlow_fdny_cat

The main firehouse kitty of the NYC Fire Department Ladder 13 is Carlow. This confident white-and-ginger kitty knows his way around the internet. 

He’s aware of the fame he gets being a firehouse cat, and he’s not shy to let everyone know he’s free for Valentine’s day. As is visible on the Instagram profile, he does this every year: 

the cat is sitting on the couch
Photo from: @carlow_fdny_cat

If anyone is looking for a last-minute Valentine… I’m wide open.

Hahaha, this cat’s profile makes me laugh every time they post something! 

Flame, The Arson Cat

the cat is sitting on the floor under the fireman's clothes
Photo from: @flamethearsoncat

Interesting name for a firehouse cat, don’t you think?

Flame is the most popular firehouse cat on the internet. He was rescued when the fire workers from Belmont Fire Dept in South Carolina heard loud meows behind their station. 

the cat is sitting on its back leaning against the fire engine
Photo from: @flamethearsoncat

He looks great now, but he was not in good shape when they found him. However, he quickly recovered and became the station’s resident cat. 

The workers also noticed how Flame affects them in a positive way. The stress levels at the station seemed to lower drastically. 

Burkey, The Firehouse 52 Cat

a cute cat is sitting in front of a fire engine
Photo from: @philly_engine52

The Engine 52 station in the Wissinoming neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia, is proud to introduce its firehouse kitty, named Burkey. 

Besides being the ray of sunshine in every worker’s day, Burkey also keeps the fire station pest-free

Fire Cat Edna

the cat walks around the fire trucks
Photo from: @fire_cat_edna

This beautiful kitty served her fire station for more than four years, but then management called and threatened to call animal control to take her. 

Fortunately, Flame (whom I mentioned earlier) helped Edna out by posting on his Instagram about her. Edna is now enjoying her retirement with a loving family. 

the cat is lying on his heater
Photo from: @fire_cat_edna

Retirement has been really hard… Haha, I don’t know, after seeing the photo I believe this is sarcasm!

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