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This 75-Year-Old Grandpa Is A Dedicated Volunteer At A Cat Shelter

This 75-Year-Old Grandpa Is A Dedicated Volunteer At A Cat Shelter

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A few years back, Terry, a 75-year-old man, discovered Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin – a no-kill, cage-free shelter for cats. 

Being an animal lover, he felt compelled to help the shelter workers and knew that spending time with cats would benefit both him and the felines. 

Terry’s loving nature won the hearts of all the cats at the shelter. He quickly became an official volunteer, taking care of them daily and enjoying some cat naps together.

One visit to the shelter granted Terry the role of an official volunteer. 

Since 2020, Terry has been a dedicated volunteer, cuddling and napping with adorable rescue cats.

He loves his volunteer job, and I’m sure that cats love spending time with him just as much. 

Terry always has time for naps, so each cat can come cuddle and nap with him. 

Terry soon earned himself the nickname “Cat Grandpa. He’s like a celebrity at the shelter.

His heartwarming bond with the cats has made him an internet sensation, inspiring many to visit the shelter and contribute to its cause of caring for disabled cats.

Terry’s story has touched people worldwide, and many wish they could trade places with him to spend time with these furry companions. 

He’s become a beloved figure at the shelter, and his work continues to inspire others to volunteer and support the shelter’s mission. 

I think that Terry will forever be the sweetest Cat Grandpa on the internet. 

There are many comments about how people envy him and how they wish they could be in his place. 

Temi M. Bradley commented: 

“Some hostage he is – it’s like he doesn’t even want to escape.”

Well, I’m sure he’s loving this hostage situation:

If you’d like to follow Terry’s journey, you can find him on the official website of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary.

Who wouldn’t want to be like Terry and volunteer while taking delightful naps with cats?

It’s a heartwarming and fulfilling experience that captures the spirit of love and compassion for our feline friends.

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