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Two Camera-Shy Kitten Siblings Get Adopted Together

Two Camera-Shy Kitten Siblings Get Adopted Together

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Foster kittens are usually attention-loving little furballs, just like these two adorable kittens. However, these adorable Siamese siblings have a camera radar that’s off the charts. 

The moment they spot a camera, they pull out their ‘shifty eyes’ act and couldn’t care less about being the center of attention.

Getting good pictures of them for their forever homes was a real challenge, but guess what? Those ‘shifty eyes’ photos worked like a charm!

Allow me to properly introduce you to Piper and Penny, the dynamic Siamese duo who will melt your heart. 

Piper is a sweet boy, unique for his ‘most EPIC nose,’ resembling a baby Koala bear, and Penny is a gorgeous cream-colored girl. 

Frankie, a wonderful foster mom, decided to take these two cuties under her care from the Best Friends Rescue in Los Angeles, hoping to find them loving homes. She fondly recalls the beginning of their journey:

“They may have been a bit shy at first, but it took no time at all for these cuddly and social siblings to come right out of their shells!”

Penny And Piper In The Foster Home

Once the kittens settled in, they had no time to waste. Those mesmerizing blue eyes and their charming personalities had everyone wrapped around their paws. 

However, every time the camera would appear in front of them, their whole attitude would completely change. 

Frankie couldn’t resist capturing Piper’s hilarious reaction in a video, complete with a funny voiceover where Piper seems to say:

“Oh my lord, here she comes again with that freaking phone.” 

The voiceover purrfectly fits the video, and the kitten’s face is hilarious. 

Surprisingly, there are moments when Piper and Penny strike a pose willingly. They seem to have a love-hate relationship with the camera. 

When they’re not being supermodels, they’re busy cuddling, napping, or engaging in playful battles. If you wonder who’s the boss, I’ll give you a hint: don’t mess with Penny!

Piper And Penny Got Adopted Together

Finding a home for sibling kittens can be challenging. Not everyone is ready to adopt two at once, but splitting them up is out of the question.

Piper and Penny, however, had no such worries. Their irresistible charm and boundless love found them a forever home together. 

two cats in the house
Source: cativanting

Frankie, who cared for them until their big day, shared her joy on their departure: 

“And they’re off! Penny & Piper will be reunited with their Mama today and begin the journey home together!! I feel so lucky to have had this time with these 2 special cuties, and even luckier that we will be able to watch them grow on @cativanting. Thank you to the new Mom for choosing to #adoptdontshop and giving these siblings a chance and a home. Happy life sweet babies, I have a feeling it’s gonna be a GREAT one!!

two cats laying together
Source: cativanting

Now, Piper and Penny are all grown up, living their best lives in their new home. They have a treasure trove of toys to keep them entertained.

They’ve even learned to tolerate (and maybe secretly enjoy) a bit more camera time. It seems like these camera-shy kittens have finally embraced the spotlight, so make sure you give them a follow on Instagram

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