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Four-Eared Cat With One Eye Defies All Odds And Finally Finds Happiness In Life

Four-Eared Cat With One Eye Defies All Odds And Finally Finds Happiness In Life

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Allow me to introduce you to Frenkie, aka Frankenkitten. This adorable little feline entered the world with four ears and faced various health challenges, including the removal of one of his eyes. But hold on, because his story takes a heartwarming turn.

Frankie’s journey from a rocky start to a life full of love and joy is a testament to his resilience and the power of compassion. Here’s his remarkable story:

Frankie, the four-eared wonder, was discovered beneath a suburban home, abandoned along with one of his siblings. His compassionate owner, Georgi Anderson, recounts the initial encounter:

“He was found with one living sibling but there may have been more that did not survive. The homeowners took Frankie and his brother in for several weeks to socialize them and fatten them up before bringing them to the shelter for medical care and rehoming.”

“He also has a very large overbite which gives his face a very angular appearance.”

Frankie’s unique appearance, characterized by a prominent overbite, required extensive dental work to address. Additionally, one of his eyes had to be removed due to a ruptured eye. But adversity couldn’t dampen his spirit.

“He did come into the animal shelter with 2 eyes, but one eye had ruptured and needed removing.”

As Georgi explains:

“The eye removal allowed him to survive as the infection would have become septic and killed him.”

Frankie also faces joint problems; his hind legs don’t sit quite right, leading to an unusual gait. Nonetheless, he navigates life with enthusiasm and resilience. 

Georgi, now Frankie’s loving owner, recalls their initial meeting:

“It wasn’t so much his unique look that sold him to me – it was his sweet demeanor, the way he explored his surroundings, and sought comfort from me.”

Georgi said that when Frankie was brought to the animal shelter, they were working there and were asked to foster him during his recovery from the eye surgery. 

“I went and saw him prior to his procedure and right away was struck by how sweet-natured he was. After a few hours of having him home in recovery, I knew he was special in a way I couldn’t quite describe.”

Over time, Georgi realized that Frankie was indeed special, not just because of his appearance but also due to his incredibly sweet nature. 

Frankie’s physical challenges affect his daily life, particularly his eating habits. Georgi shares:

“His mouth probably is the biggest physical factor – he struggles to eat wet food because he can’t get a good grasp on it. He is on a dry food-only diet and has learned to pick kibble with his tongue and bring it into his mouth that way, rather than using his teeth.”

Despite these challenges, Frankie is a delightful pet. His daily routine includes napping in various cozy spots, seeking cuddles in his owner’s lap, and occasional bursts of playful energy.

Frenkie also shares his home with furry siblings, adding an extra layer of fun to his days. 

According to Georgi:

“His personality is very cheeky, but he gets away with it because he is also very sweet. He is so loving and affectionate and seems to sense when I have had a difficult day. I almost would say he has a doglike personality.”

Frankie’s journey is nothing short of amazing, and his humans consider themselves fortunate to have him in their lives. 

His story is a testament to resilience, love, and the incredible bond that can form between humans and their special fur babies.

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