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Abandoned Feline Sisters Had A Rough Start But One Woman’s Love Turned Their Fate Around

Abandoned Feline Sisters Had A Rough Start But One Woman’s Love Turned Their Fate Around

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Nothing could prepare Sara Lanz, a dedicated cat lover and foster mom from the Washington DC area, for the state her newest foster babies were in.

Fearing the worst outcome, she collected all her strength and dedicated her time and energy to nursing little Liliana and Rosa back to health.

Believing that every kitty deserves a second chance and a happy and healthy life, she did her best – and her hard work paid off!

Here’s her story!

Liliana and Rosa came to Sara as 4-week-old babies. However, due to abandonment, and lack of motherly care and nutrients, poor fluffs were the size of 1-week-old kittens.

They were inside an incubator for the majority of the time – but looked brave and as cute as anything!

For nervous Sara, the condition of her tiny newcomers meant that she had to put a lot of effort into fattening them up and getting them healthy.

Apart from being extremely tiny, one of the sisters, Rosa, was also very sick.

Luckily, thanks to Sara, the resilient furbaby quickly recovered, regained energy and appetite, and even started making biscuits with her tiny paws.

After Rosa’s recovery, Liliana also got sick. Once again, Sara did everything she could to make Liliana feel better, and she successfully recovered.

Dealing with two sickly kittens was definitely no walk in the park, but this seasoned foster mama from Washington DC knew exactly what to do to help them thrive.

Once the kittens fully recovered, Sarah began sharing their photos on her Instagram profile, hoping to find someone willing to offer them a forever home.

Being a kitten equals being adorable, so there’s no question whether those photos Sara shared were cute or not.

However, there were a couple of photos that captured the Internet’s heart and made many people fall head over heels for her: The photos where Liliana was safely tucked in a tiny pink hamster bed. In the caption, Sara wrote:

“Liliana loves this little hamster bed.”

One of the followers commented:

“I can’t even stand how stinkin’ adorable this is.”

Another person wrote:

“(Googles hamster bed shopping)”

With a lot of care, love, and attention, Liliana and Rosa continued to grow and transform into big, but still cute, kitties. They bonded so much that they couldn’t bear to be apart.

Eventually, the time came for Sara to bid farewell to her foster kittens, marveling at their strength and resilience throughout their journey.

Along with another foster feline buddy named Moonbeam, the two sisters headed out for a new adventure at the Arlington-based AWLA Kitten College Program.

After all, “goodbye is the goal” for every foster parent, even though it’s sometimes bittersweet. 

So, Sara got one last snuggle with her adorable babies and sent them off to their new family to provide them with love and companionship. Hopefully, this adorable duo will stay together fur-ever!

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