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Mischievous Rocco Crashes A Parliament Session

Mischievous Rocco Crashes A Parliament Session

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On a typical day in the Parliament, members engage in heated debates and discussions. However, not this time… This online parliament session was not an ordinary one!

How so? 

Well, Rocco the cat decided to make a grand entrance, but only to show its bushy tail!

John Nicolson, a member of the parliament, was speaking when suddenly, a fluffy ginger tail popped up in front of him!

car named rocco crashes parliament meeting

A second later, Rocco’s tail completely hid his face!

cat rocco crashes parliament session

“I apologize for my cat’s tail,” Nicolson says. Then quickly adds “Rocco, put your tail down.”

Check out the video to see what happened after!

If you’ve fully watched the video, you probably noticed that everyone was barely holding in their laughter!

After seeing a fluffy ginger tail popping on someone’s screen during a serious video meeting, I’m sure it was hard staying super-serious!

After the video was posted online, it quickly went viral!

Many people praised how calmly Nicolson handled the situation, considering some cat owners might have reacted much differently and been mad at the cat.

Politician Nicolson trying to move his cat

One sentence from the video became quite popular, and it was when the owner says:

“Rocco, put your tail down.”

Many people absolutely loved the video, and the comment section was absolutely flooded with positive comments!

One person said: 

“My dude Rocco literally only showed his tail, not even his face, and he’s already captured the hearts of hundreds. What a lad!”

Another person added:

“That cat is clearly well looked after and happy. Tail in the air is a happy cat.”

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