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Friendly Cat Stuck Around A Woman’s House But Once When He Stepped Inside Their Lives Changed

Friendly Cat Stuck Around A Woman’s House But Once When He Stepped Inside Their Lives Changed

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This charming cat hung around a woman’s house every day until he finally set his paw indoors and experienced the cozy warmth of her home. 

Reggie, an orange tabby, was among the 25 cats involved in the Tucson cat colony TNR (trap-neuter-return) project, a successful initiative aimed at curbing diseases and overpopulation.

However, Reggie stood out from the rest, not just because of his cross-eyed look and unusually large nose, but also because of his sweet and friendly nature, as described by Courtney, a dedicated cat rescuer from Poets Square Cats:

“Not just because he’s cross-eyed and has an inexplicably large nose. He was so sweet and friendly.”

Arcelia, a volunteer at Southern Arizona Cat Rescue, took care of Reggie and the other cats in the group. After Reggie was neutered, he chose to stick around Arcelia’s house, often joining her during her efforts to help other cats.

Reggie was always eager for affection and attention.

“He would plop himself down in the middle like he was the star of the show.”

When it was time to leave, he would jump into the car, hoping to accompany them.

Reggie and Arcelia developed a mutual understanding. During feeding times, he made his presence known, never missing a day. As Arcelia shared:

“He came to eat every single day. He hung outside my house and would sleep on top of my car or in a cut-down palm tree in the back.”

It looks like he demanded attention!

It was clear that Reggie craved affection and attention. He was the “main cat” in the area and made it known that he had more to offer than just being a part of the TNR project. 

He deserved a loving home, and he made sure everyone knew it.

Despite Arcelia’s busy household, filled with sick and needy rescue cats, she never forgot about Reggie. When one of the cats found a fur-ever home, she fulfilled her promise and welcomed Reggie into her own house.

He was already at home in her heart, so why not her house as well?

Reggie patiently waited for his turn, and now he’s finally living the dream. He spends his days indoors, napping in the arms of his new foster mom and relaxing on the softest blankets he’s ever felt. 

He couldn’t wait to play with Arcelia’s puppy, as they used to have fun during their walks before. 

“Reggie has the sweetest personality, he’s super playful and gets along with everyone.”

Reggie is finally living the life he always wanted and frankly deserved. He enjoys cozy spots, receiving cuddles and attention from his mom, and now he’s got so many toys that it feels like there’s a new one every day. 

He loves meeting people and enjoying their pets and cuddles. Being picked up and held is another favorite pastime of his.

Rescuing all those cats and finding them loving homes was no easy task, but the dedicated rescue teams succeeded. Reggie, however, is content in Arcelia’s home and has no plans to leave anytime soon. He’s carefree and truly at peace.

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