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Girl Rescues A Fragile Newborn Kitten With A Unique Cattitude

Girl Rescues A Fragile Newborn Kitten With A Unique Cattitude

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This heartwarming tale is about a girl named Dominique and her unexpected friendship with Wisp, a kitten with a powerful voice.

It all started when Dominique welcomed a pregnant stray cat into her home. This furry feline was one of many abandoned Persians in the area. 

Initially, everyone assumed the mama cat was a neutered male, but they were in for a surprise. It turned out she was actually a female, and to make things even more interesting, she was expecting a kitten!

mom cat
Credit: YouTube

A few weeks after bringing her home, the supposed ‘male cat’ surprised everyone by having a baby kitten

The kitten was significantly smaller and weaker than she was supposed to be, and Dominique knew she had to do something to help her survive.

She decided to call her Wisp, which was the perfect name for this little miracle who always stayed positive. 

tiny kitten
Credit: YouTube

Sadly, Wisp was too small and fragile to drink milk from her momma. This meant Dominique had to learn how to feed a newborn kitten by hand, which was a whole new challenge.

She was determined to help Wisp succeed, so she decided to take on the task of bottle-feeding. The beginning was tough, with lots of worrying and sleepless nights. She kept checking to make sure Wisp was okay.

However, Wisp, being the feisty little kitten she is, amazed everyone by becoming a pro at bottle-feeding! From that point on, things were starting to get better.

kitten bottle fed
Credit: YouTube

Wisp might have seemed a bit scruffy, but her personality was unique. After spending a few days together, Dominique discovered her cool talent – being able to meow loudly for cuddles and food whenever she pleased!

Even though it could be a bit much, Dominique thought it was super cute, since she had never met a kitten so vocal before.

kitten walking away
Credit: YouTube

On the other hand, Dominique had a feeling that Wisp’s health problems made her less playful. However, now that she had a loving home and plenty of food to eat, she was ready to make up for lost time.

Soon enough, she turned into a little ball of energy and would always zoom around the house. Even though she’d sometimes trip and fall in a funny way, she remained tough, and would just get back up and keep on having fun. 

As time went on, her extra energy and big appetite showed that she was actually a happy and thriving kitten.

hand petting the kitten
Credit: YouTube

Even though she can be demanding, the best part of their bond is how loving Wisp is. Whenever she wasn’t feeling well, she would come over and rub against Dominique to get attention.

When she came into Dominique’s life, it was like a big, happy explosion of joy! Even though Wisp has a unique cattitude and can be loud, her love for Dominique is clear.

woman kissing the kitten
Credit: YouTube

They have such a strong connection, and it’s obvious that they’ve found something really special in each other. 

Of course, some cats can be pretty chatty, and sometimes they can be demanding, but that’s what makes them so lovable. 

white kitten sitting
Credit: YouTube

Wisp might be a bit noisy too, but you can’t deny the unique bond she has with Dominique. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cuddly companion who sings their heart out, even if they’re not the best singer?

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