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Woman’s Frantic Search For Her Missing Kitten Ends In The Most Unbelievable Place

Woman’s Frantic Search For Her Missing Kitten Ends In The Most Unbelievable Place

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Every cat parent knows cats adore hiding in the most unexpected places, watching you look for them for hours.

The same thing happened to this foster parent, Britney, who even got worried as she couldn’t find her missing cat anywhere. 

One moment, her three-week-old kitten with an adorable face named Chanel, was on the table in the living room, but after a second, she was gone and nowhere to be found.

small kitten in tissue box
Credit: Twitter

Britney was shocked as she had no idea where the kitten disappeared all of a sudden. She shared everything on Twitter and said:

“I literally went to heat up her bottle and the next thing I know she’s gone.”

She tried calling the kitten’s name, but nothing happened. What followed next was several hours of searching every corner of the house, creating a mess everywhere, but still, there was no sign of Chanel.

Britney started to panic and cry, but that didn’t help. She just didn’t know what to do or where to look next. Feeling terrible, she couldn’t understand what had happened.

photo of tissue box
Credit: Twitter

Then, in the middle of the chaos, Britney’s grandfather entered the house. He reached for a tissue box on the table, only to be shocked by what he found!

While trying to take a tissue from the box, he was astonished to discover Chanel, lounging carelessly inside the tissue box and dozing away.

When her grandpa found Chanel, Britney couldn’t contain her happiness. However, she couldn’t believe how the kitten fit into the tissue box and managed to stay asleep while she was desperately looking for her. 

kitten in a tissue box
Credit: Twitter

This crazy ‘missing cat episode,’ instantly took the Internet by storm. But the important thing was that Chanel was successfully found and safe.

In the end, every cat is pretty much the same. They love making themselves comfortable in the tiniest places, as if they’re thinking, ‘If I fits, I sits!’ Sometimes, I truly think cats are liquid, lol!

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