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The Unusual Highlander Lynx Cat

The Unusual Highlander Lynx Cat

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More and more cat lovers are looking for unusual, exotic, or exotic-looking cat breeds. However, the thing with such cats is that not every breed is suitable for everyone, especially for first-time cat owners. 

These cats require a strong hand that will help them become the best pet. However, there is one cat breed of exotic look that is easy-going compared to the rest of the exotic cats. If you want to learn more, then read the article and meet the Highlander Lynx cat.

What Is A Highlander Lynx Cat?

The Highland Lynx cat, also called Highlander Lynx, is a breed of cat that appeared as a result of crossbreeding two different cats – the Jungle Curl and the Desert Lynx. 

They’re characterized by strong, muscular bodies. The most distinctive features of these cats are their curled ears and lack of a tail.

Moreover, these unusual cats may appear in different coat colors, and when it comes to their personality, they’re highly entertaining, intelligent, and playful but also lovely and cuddly.

This is only a short introduction to the world of Highlander Lynx cats; the rest of the article provides you with detailed information about this unique breed. Keep reading and learn more!


highland lynx cat standing on a porch railing

The origin of Highlander Lynx cats dates back to 1995 when breeders decided to cross two different hybrid cats, the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl.

The result of this crossbreeding experiment was this unusual and exotic-looking Highlander Lynx cat. So, this type of cat is actually a hybrid as it’s a combination of two different hybrid cat breeds.

Although these cats are considered a distinct breed nowadays and are registered in the rare and exotic feline registry, unfortunately, they are not registered as an official cat breed within cat associations yet. 

The main reason for that is because this breed of cat is relatively new to the world and is quite rare.

Still, the Highland Lynx cat has gained high popularity with its looks and temperament, which is why they’re in high demand nowadays. Now, keep reading and find out what it is about these cats that attract cat lovers from all over the world.


highlander cat sitting atop a cat tower

The Highland Lynx cat breed is characterized by a strong, muscular body. These big cats may reach a weight up to 20 lbs, and males are bigger than females. Their body is medium length but their hind legs are a bit longer. 

They may also have polydactyl paws, meaning that they can have an extra finger, but that is not always the case.

On top of this strong body, you will notice a large, square-shaped head with long emphasized whiskers.

The most noticeable thing about the heads of these cats is their curled ears that have feathering and tufts on the tips. They’re set wide apart, and the ears may be extremely or slightly curled.

The distinctive ear features in these cats are inherited from the Desert Lynx cat; the ears of the Highlander are much smaller.

Moreover, these cats are characterized by big eyes that are emphasized by different colors such as green, copper, golden, and similar.

When you look at the back side of the cat’s body, you can easily notice differences in the tail. 

When compared to average domestic cats, Highlander Lynx cats may have small bobtails, or they may not have tails at all, similar to other bobcats.

Possible Coat Colors Of Highlander Lynx Cat

What makes these cats even more exotic is their coat colors and patterns. Highland Lynx cats usually come in three different coat patterns and every possible color.

• Marbled – this pattern refers to vertical and uneven markings that appear to be marbled. However, cats with this marking will have a spotted belly.

• Spotted – this spotted tabby pattern reminds me of a leopard. Spots are usually darker than the rest of the body, and they may vary in shape and size. As the spotted markings refer to the tabby pattern, the cat will also have typical tabby marking on the forehead, such as an “M” shaped marking.

• Ticked – this pattern appears due to the presence of agouti hair, which means that each hair has several color shades and the hair tips are the darkest. Even a cat with this pattern has classic tabby markings on the forehead.

Besides these three official coat patterns that are the most common in these cats, they may also appear in solid colors and mackerel, lynx point, and classic tabby patterns, but that is less frequent.

Solid Highlanders may appear in the following colors: blue, fawn, lilac, chocolate, red, cream, ebony, sorrel, silver, cameo, sepia, mink, and snow.


highlander cat resting on a bed

The reason why these cats became popular among cat lovers is that they are exotic looking. Still, unlike many other exotic cats, they have easy-going personalities and are extremely affectionate.

It’s very easy to socialize these cats as they’re extremely intelligent, but they are also friendly and sociable, which means that they need company most of the time. 

Besides that, their dog-like personalities may be the reason why they’re dependent on their owners.

So, if you’re a busy person who won’t spend a lot of time with a pet cat, then maybe you should find yourself another cat that will suit your lifestyle better.

Despite being playful and lovely, these cats require a lot of attention, and you need to commit to that if you plan to adopt one of them.

Another thing that you should know is that they may not be the best pets for you if you already have other pets, especially dogs.

All in all, with a lot of love and attention, this breed of cat can be an amazing pet who will want to spend a lot of time with you playing and even learning a few tricks!

Health & Care

the cat is resting on the deck

Every cat parent should know that health and care is the most important part of owning a cat. Also, every cat has different genetics and different needs, so if you wish to adopt a Highlander, it’s crucial for you to know the following things about their health and care.

Health Condition

Highland Lynx cats are a relatively new cat breed, which means that there is not enough information about their health condition so far. 

However, there are some things we know for sure. These hybrid cats are considered to be very healthy cats. Still, there are some health issues that are considered to be common for these cats.

• Obesity – Highlanders are playful and active cats, and that means that they need regular exercise and a proper diet to maintain a healthy weight. If you don’t do that, your cat may suffer from obesity. 

Cats usually become obese due to lack of exercise, eating unhealthy food, or overeating. 

Because of that, it’s crucial to provide your Highlander Lynx cat with high-quality cat food that is rich in necessary nutrients, as well as to keep your cat active if you wish to avoid the obesity problem, which may lead to many other issues as well.

• Spinal issues – another issue for these cats affects their spin. Spinal issues may develop due to their short tails or due to the absence of the tail.

• Arthritis – this joint issue is considered to be common for these exotic felines. Arthritis may happen due to low energy or due to overly active cats. As Highlander lynx cats are extremely active and energetic cats, they may develop arthritis over time. 

The most obvious signs of arthritis are limping, difficulties while running, difficulties with getting in and out of the litter box, low energy, and similar. In case you notice any of these symptoms, I suggest you take your cat to the vet for an examination and proper treatment.

• Heart issues – heart problems are common for many cat breeds, and a Highlander is not an exception, unfortunately. The most common heart issue is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) which causes thickening of the heart muscle. 

The most common symptoms of HCM are breathing difficulties, weakness and lethargy, vomiting, and similar. Cats with this condition require professional vet help and proper treatment.


Just like every other domestic breed, these cats need high-quality cat food in order to receive all the necessary nutrients. 

So, make sure you avoid cat food brands that contain low-quality ingredients but invest in high-quality food which is based on real meat and animal protein, as that’s what cats need in their diet.

I think it’s always the best choice to provide your cat with both dry and wet food, as both of these food types are beneficial for cats. 

The only thing you need to pay attention to is ensuring you provide your cat with several smaller meals a day and with food that best suits your cat’s age and condition.

If you have difficulties with choosing the right diet for your new feline friend, feel free to ask your vet for help, as they can suggest what is best for your Highlander Lynx cat.


Grooming is crucial if you want to keep your cat in a good, healthy condition. So, if your Highlander cat has short hair, make sure you brush it at least once a week. On the contrary, if it’s long-haired, then the brushing should be done three times a week.

Besides brushing, it would also be good to bathe your Highlander cats at least once a week because they may get dirty very easily. If they’re indoors most of the time, bathing shouldn’t be so frequent.

When talking about grooming, ear cleaning and nail trimming shouldn’t be omitted. These cats have curled ears, making them more prone to earwax accumulation and ear infections. Therefore, regular ear cleaning is obligatory for these cats. 

Nail trimming is also important, as it is with every other breed of cat. So, you should trim your cat’s nails frequently in order to prevent different claw issues and claw infections, as well as to prevent your cat from damaging the furniture and other things around your home.

Finally, another thing you should do is brush your cat’s teeth often to avoid dental issues, which may lead to different health problems if not taken good care of.

Where Can You Find A Highlander Lynx Cat?

A highland lynx cat relaxing on a cat tree.

As the Highlander lynx cat breed is still new in the cat world, it may be very hard to find one. Still, if you wish this beautiful feline to be your furry friend, there are a few places that you can check out.

Reputable Highlander Lynx Breeders

The first place on the list is, of course, reputable breeders and catteries. It is of great importance to adopt a cat from a reputable breeder, especially this exotic feline. 

As this is still a new breed, you may come across many frauds and breeders that don’t sell top-quality kittens. Therefore, you should avoid free ads of Highlander lynx cats, as that may not be the cat you’re looking for. 

Instead, you should look for reputable breeders. They’re always registered with different cat organizations such as The International Cat Association (TICA), Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), and similar ones.

If the breeder is registered with these cat organizations, it means that they’re reputable because they breed and raise their cats according to certain standards of the association and according to the breed standard.

Moreover, reputable breeders will make sure that you get a top-quality Highlander kitten that will be in great health condition along with the relevant documentation.

Adoption And Rescue Centers

If you’re looking for a specific breed of cat, it’s always a good thing to check in animal shelters or rescue centers, as they’re full of different cat breeds. Still, the chances that you’ll come across a Highlander in one of these places are very low. 

However, if you’re lucky enough, you may find one and adopt it at a low price, just paying an adoption fee that is way less than the regular price of these felines.

What Is The Price Of A Highlander Lynx Cat?

A cute Highland Lynx cat on a log

The price of Highlander Lynx cats depends on several things. But, considering their rarity and exotic looks, you can expect the price to be extremely high.

The price of a Highlander Lynx cat is around $1000, or even higher, depending on the breeder and other factors that affect the cat’s price.

Still, as this breed of cat is relatively new, you should be careful and explore everything before the purchase, as if you come across these cats at a low price it usually means that something is not quite right. 

This is why it’s always better to find a reputable breeder and ensure that they sell top-quality Highlander kittens.


Are Highlander Lynx Good Pets?

Despite their wild-like appearance, Highlander Lynx cats can be great pets for families. Because of their easy-going and friendly personalities, with the proper socialization, they are a perfect fit for any family, especially because they can get along with children. 

However, if you have other pets, especially dogs, then this breed of cat may not be the best choice for your furry pack.

What Is A Highlander Cat’s Life Expectancy?

Highlander cats are considered to be very healthy cats, despite being prone to some health issues such as obesity, arthritis, HCM, and similar. 

Because of their good health condition, these cats may reach a lifespan of 11-15 years, which is a long time that you can enjoy with your furry friend.

All In All

Lynx kitten laying

Finally, this article provides you with all the necessary information about the exotic-looking cat breed Highlander Lynx. This is a preliminary new breed in the cat world, but it’s a great choice for everyone who’s looking for a lovely cat with an unusual appearance.

This is actually a hybrid cat that resulted from crossbreeding two different hybrid cats. The Highlander breed is characterized by a strong body and curled ears and they may lack a tail. 

Moreover, they’re playful, intelligent, and extremely friendly, which makes them a perfect pet choice for different families as long as there are no other pets.

If you wish to adopt this gorgeous cat, just be careful, and it would be best to look for reputable Highlander Lynx cat breeders so that you can have a healthy feline friend of the best quality.

The most important thing is that these cats are very healthy and may live up to 15 years, which means that if you adopt this feline, you two will have a lot of time to spend together.

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