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Sphynx Cat Price And A Guide For Owning One

Sphynx Cat Price And A Guide For Owning One

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Sphynx cats are one of the most expensive cats out there – and for good reason! These striking cats are famous for their nearly nude appearance.

All purebred Sphynx cats are considered to be hairless cats . They are intelligent and affectionate by nature so they are in  high demand. Many breeders specialize in producing this specific cat breed .

So, how much does a Sphynx cat cost ? Well, there is no easy answer to that question. Depending on the breeder, a purebred Sphynx cat can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,500 – and sometimes even more!

Bear in mind that this is only the price of the cat itself, and that other costs will arise including the initial set-up and monthly expenses.

Now we know the price range when buying a Sphynx cat , it’s time to take a deeper look into this breed that cat lovers can’t get enough of.

How Much Does a Sphynx Cat Cost: Breaking Down The Price

sphinx cat lies down

In order to better understand the price of this hairless cat , we need to take various things into consideration. After all, the Sphynx breeders asking price for your purebred Sphynx is only the beginning of a somewhat expensive road.

If you are a first-time pet owner, it‘s important you take into consideration that pets are never a one-time cost . Just like you and I, they take a certain amount of resources to keep them happy and healthy.

This includes things like cat beds , vaccinations , medical bills, pet insurance , toys, entertainment, and cat food .

In other words, it’s not just the Sphynx cat price that can be quite high, it’s these other considerations as well. So, first let’s take a look at the breed info to see what factors might affect the cat’s price.

After that, we’ll break down some of the continuous prices you have to pay for your feline friend.

Sphynx Cat Breed Info

Key Characteristics
8-10 inches
6-14 pounds
9-15 years
affectionate, friendly
Coat Color brown, lavender, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, black, beige, cream, lilac, white, red...
Coat Type
Activity Level
Average price for a Sphynx kitten $1500-$4500+


It’s very important to mention that these cats, although they are called hairless, aren’t completely hairless. They still have small amounts of hair around their ears, paws, tail, and on top of their back. They can come in various colors and with different markings.

As these cats are almost hairless, they produce low amounts of the protein called fel d 1 that triggers allergies. Therefore these cats are often considered to be hypoallergenic cats; ideal pets for allergy sufferers.

However, before getting a Sphynx cat , it is important to make sure that it definitely won’t trigger your allergies by spending time with it.

Sphynx cats are medium-sized cats, weighing 6-14 pounds, with the male sphynx being somewhat bigger than the female sphynx .

Besides their unique hairless appearance, they are recognisable for their big ears, lemon-shaped eyes, round belly, and long toes.

Many cats have wrinkles, but these aren’t visible because of their fur. However, these wrinkles are more visible in Sphynx cats due to the absence of a coat, and this is another typical trait for this cat breed .


Sphynx cat is lying on the sofa

Sphynx cats are very friendly, affectionate, curious, funny cats who will do anything for your attention. They adore cuddles and snuggling in your lap, especially during colder days.

They’re highly intelligent and active so you need to make sure that they’re not bored. For this reason, you should provide your Sphynx with lots of interesting toys, scratching posts, and cat trees . It is essential that you spend a lot of time playing with them as well.

You can find a lot of interesting toys and other things on Amazon that will intrigue your feline friend, such as cat trees that look like real trees .

However, Sphynx cats aren’t for everyone. The main reason for this is that they can be extremely loud and talkative sometimes, and more importantly, their skin requires a lot of attention.

Health & Lifespan

Sphynx cats are very healthy cats, and their typical lifespan is 9-15 years. However, despite their long lifespan , there are certain health issues that this breed of cat is vulnerable to, such as:

• Skin problems – oily or greasy skin

• Dental problems

• Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) – heart disease

• Hereditary myopathy – muscle weakness

Therefore, regular vet checks and special healthcare is required when it comes to keeping this cat breed healthy.

Luckily, when you buy from reputable breeders , their cats usually come with a health certificate and are tested negative for certain diseases such as HCM , PKM, FELV, FIV, FIP , etc.

Grooming & Nutrition

a person bathes a Sphynx cat

If you assumed that you don’t need to pay a lot of attention to grooming these  hairless cats , you might be surprised! Their skin requires very special care.

Sphynx cats may have different skin issues. One of the most common issues is that they may have oily skin, making them greasy or even smelly. Therefore, Sphynx cats require bathing at least once a week.

Moreover, these cats have very sensitive skin so they will need lotion to protect them from sunburn. During colder seasons, they need warm places or even cat clothes to help them regulate their body temperature.

Due to their sensitive skin, you should be careful when choosing a shampoo for your Sphinxy. If you’re not sure what to choose, you can always consult with your vet.

As well as paying attention to skin care, it’s very important to clean their teeths as they can be prone to dental issues. Don’t forget to also clean their ears and trim their nails.

Sphynx cats are intended to be indoor cats because of their appearance, therefore, regular nail trimming is required in order to prevent claw infections or other claw issues.

When it comes to nutrition, you should buy top-quality cat food that is based only on meat and that is rich in protein . Cats are obligate carnivores and their food needs to be full of beneficial nutrients.

It is best to create a feeding schedule and stick to an established routine. If you’re not sure when to feed your cat and how much to give her, then you should consult with your veterinarian (because they know best!).

One-time Costs Of Buying A Sphynx Cat

beautiful Sphynx cat sitting on a stone in nature

Keep in mind that when it comes to buying a Sphynx cat , the price can vary. Potential pricing differences depend on color, size, origin, and other factors.

Make sure to check in with a reputable cat breeder to make sure you’re getting the cat that you want for a fair price. It is worth mentioning that it is sometimes harder to find a Sphynx kitten than a full-grown Sphynx Cat .

A Sphynx kitten can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,500.

You also have to bear in mind the impact of the breeder’s reputation . If the cat is from a famous breeder and is show quality , you can expect the price of your Sphynx kitten to go up  to $10,000.

Not only are Sphynx cats expensive cats, they are also uncommon. This has a lot to do with the history of this cat breed. They were only discovered in the 1960s, so there is still only a small selection of breeders .

This also means you will not be able to find a Sphynx cat at your common pet store. You may have to look further afield. If you end up having to pay for shipping, that may be another few hundred dollars added to the price.

Adopting A Sphynx Cat

Cost: $50-$300+

There is, however, a way to avoid paying extra money for a Sphynx Cat . While it may not be your first choice, you can also attempt to adopt one.

You won’t see a lot of sphynx cats left in adoption agencies, but on the off chance that you do, they tend to be much cheaper than when purchasing from reputable breeders or catteries .

Generally, if you do find a Sphynx cat in an adoption agency, the price range tends to be around $50-$300. 

This is much cheaper than buying from a breeder, leaving you more budget to invest in other important essentials for your new pet, such as the litter box , cat tree , or much-needed health checkups with a veterinarian.

Keep in mind that even if you do find a Sphynx cat from an adoption agency, Sphynx kittens in such circumstances are very rare.

Usually, these cats will already be mature and may be suffering from multiple health problems such as sunburn , skin problems , and other health conditions .

Buying A Sphynx Cat From A Breeder

Cost: $1500-$4500+

four Sphynx kittens in a basket

Buying a quality cat takes money, and as mentioned earlier, it can be anywhere from $1,500 to $4,500 and even run up to $10,000 for a Sphynx cat

Going to a professional breeder is the only sure way of getting hold of a purebred Sphynx cat . It can also be the safest; almost all reputable breeders screen their cats for genetic diseases before they even consider breeding them. This ultimately leads to healthier Sphynx kittens .

Moreover, many reputable breeders are members of cat associations such as The International Cat Association ( TICA ) and Cat Fanciers Association ( CFA ), which means that the kittens are produced and raised according to their standards.

The reason behind why it is so important to screen this cat breed for potential health issues, is that Sphynx cats are prone to certain health conditions .

An unhealthy cat can lead to huge medical bills, making the price of caring for your Sphynx cat even higher. 

Sometimes you will find that certain breeders require you to make a deposit to reserve a Sphynx Kitten .

This can cost approximately anywhere between $100 and $500. Remember that the further away your breeder is, the higher the price you will have to pay for shipping.

Initial Set Up For A Sphynx Cat

When bringing a Sphynx Cat home, you will need to make sure you have all you need to raise your new cat. It helps to have these things waiting at home ready for when you bring your new cat home because you will have a lot on your hands.

You can imagine why things like a cat bed or a fresh litter box are things you should have in your home right from the very start. In addition, it’s important to buy quality litter; you might like to look at alternative cat litter for your Sphynx as their skin is very sensitive. Litter scoops can cost anywhere between $5-$25.

Furthermore, you will need an ID tag and collar. This costs about 15$ in most places. In order to spay/neuter your cat, you will need another $50-$200.

Luckily, most breeders spay/neuter their kittens before they leave for their new homes. Adding in a microchip can add from $5-$50.

Most people buy crates for their cats which would cost another $30 while a litter box could be anywhere from $25-$200, depending on the type you choose.

Quality cat beds can cost $20-$50 (or as much as you want to pay!) along with some food and water bowls at around $10. A selection of toys can end up costing around $50.

Taking consideration of all these initial items is essential if you want to know how much a Sphynx cat costs when you count it all up. The above items combined can cost anywhere between about $200-$600.

For a clear summary, take a look at the following table:

ID tag and collar
Litter box
Cat bed
Food and water bowls
Toys and entertainment
Litter scoop
An average initial set up cost

The Monthly Costs Of A Sphynx Cat

two Sphynx kittens in a basket

As you can see,  having any type of pet is an investment. It will take extra money every month to take good care of your Sphynx cat . We believe it‘s well worth it though!

Ongoing cat-related bills include pet insurance , grooming (yes, grooming is still something you need to do for a hairless cat! ), medical bills, and other expenses. All of this has to be considered in the total sphynx cat cost .

It is important to have a good understanding of all these different costs because having a Sphynx cat can be very expensive.

The expense comes from the fact that Sphynx cats are of high pet quality but they may also have health problems . These health problems tend to be the most expensive aspect of owning a Sphynx Cat .

Many people have emergency funds for their pets. This is a great idea for budgeting and being prepared in case your Sphynx needs anything. A rough figure of $5000 would be a good place to start.

Now, let’s begin by breaking down all the ongoing costs you will need to meet in order to keep your Sphynx Cat happy and healthy.


Cost: $30-$70

There are two main ways to go about buying food for your Sphynx Cat . The consideration you want to have here has to do with their lack of fur .

Sphynx food tends to cost anywhere between $30-$70 a month, depending on the cat food you choose, and how much your Sphynx Kitten eats compared to a full-grown adult Sphynx Cat .

You can use a commercial brand of cat food . However, Sphynx cats are prone to health problems, therefore they require a very special diet. This is because the cat’s skin is very sensitive and poor quality food can lead to skin problems .

If you want to make sure to keep your cat healthy, feed them a high-quality diet with lots of meats and omega-fatty acids that will do a great job of keeping this cat breed ’s skin as healthy as possible.

It is a good idea to avoid an overabundance of oil in this cat breed’s diet as it can lead to oily skin and in turn this can mean skin problems develop.

Remember, your Sphynx cat’s skin is always going to be your top priority so it’s essential to be careful when it comes to your cat’s diet.

After all, skin problems caused by diet can lead to costly medical bills, so dietary mistakes now could prove expensive in the future.


Cost: $95-$210

a beautiful Sphynx cat is lying on a green blanket

This is probably the most important and expensive part of how much a sphynx cat cost . In fact, healthcare is the driving factor of most of the costs when you own a Sphynx cat .

As mentioned earlier, Sphynx cats are prone to health issues such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy , sunburn , and other skin problems . They are very high-maintenance cats .

In most cases, the general health of a Sphynx Cat could cost you from $95-$210 a month.

For this reason, your cat will benefit from regular appointments with a reputable veterinarian. The cost of regular appointments can go up if your cat suffers from a health condition .

You will need at least one annual visit to the vet for preventive healthcare. Just taking that step can help prevent any developing health issues from developing. It is also important to keep your cat up-to-date with vaccinations .

I will talk more about this in the grooming section, but you will also need lotions and shampoos that will raise your expenditure.

Of course, none of this includes medicine or treatment prescribed for a specific emergency situation; that can increase your medical bills by thousands of dollars.

Pet Insurance

Cost: $20-$100

Since these indoor cats can be a high-price investment, you are highly  recommended to take out a pet insurance policy. Generally speaking, pet insurance can cost anywhere from 20$ to 100$ a month.

In fact, when wondering: “How much does a Sphynx Cat Cost?”, the first cost you should factor in, is pet insurance.

Pet insurance helps to keep health-related costs lower.. However, keep in mind that the cost of health insurance can rise as your cat gets older.

There are many different plans that include things such as preventive care and health benefits that can help you with your savings.

While this may seem like adding to your costs, you are actually reducing them by hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while potentially increasing the lifespan of your cat.


Cost: $15-$30

Sphynx cat sitting on a cat tree

Sphynx cats , like many other cat breeds, really love to play. You will tend to have some wiggle room when selecting toys and cat trees for your expensive cat, as the price range can be anywhere from $50 to $200.

The need to play is something that almost every cat has in common. It goes without saying that whether you have a Sphynx cat , a tabby , a Bengal , a Maine coon , or a shorthair , they will all benefit from having cat toys for  stimulation and to keep them amused and active.

That being said, the Sphynx cat is not the most active of cats. They prefer cat trees, cat toys, structures, and places where they can climb up high. Sometimes they will even play around with their cat bed

Keep in mind that this is something you only need to pay for once, so it is not an investment like some of the other things on this list.

However, sometimes cats can get a little bored, so you might like to buy them a new toy every now and then. Typically, this investment tends to get smaller as your cat grows up. This could amount to around $15 to $30 a month.


Cost: $5-$20

When you think of grooming, the first thing that usually comes to mind is fur. However, believe it or not, these hairless cats do indeed need lots of grooming!

As mentioned earlier, most health problems that this cat has, have a lot to do with their skin. It can range from rashes, oily skin sunburns , infections, and other ailments. Grooming costs of Sphynx cats tend to be $5 to $20 a month.

While you do not need to brush this cat, you do need to bathe it regularly with a high-quality shampoo. They have very sensitive skin so this is essential in order to maintain the skin health of your Sphynx Cat .

As well as shampoo, this cat breed will require some sort of sunscreen if you plan to spend some time with them outdoors. They are very prone to sunburn, so be sure to minimize the length of time these cats spend in the sun. 

A good rule of thumb for bathing your Sphynx cat would be once a week, so you will have to purchase shampoo regularly. Other supplies such as Q tips or wipes are useful as well.

Additional Costs

white Sphynx cat sitting on a stone in nature

Monthly costs may vary from owner to owner. It depends on your lifestyle, the brands you use, your cat’s health condition , possible emergencies, etc.

As far as annual costs are concerned, as your cat grows up you can expect to spend way less than you did in the first year of owning it. However, that still depends on you and your budget.

The most important thing is to be   prepared for sudden additional costs.

Some of these additional costs may include:

• Pet nanny service – if you’re going on a vacation, you can’t leave the cat alone. If you don’t have anyone who can take care of the cat for a few days, then you should look for a pet nanny service. This can cost you between $30 and $50 per day.

• Emergency treatments – if you don’t have pet insurance , then you should be prepared for unexpected medical costs. If your cat gets injured, you can expect to pay a lot of money, depending on the type of injury and treatment required.

• Household damages – your cat may damage your furniture or other things around the house and it may cost you a lot of money to repair or replace them. That’s why it’s important to train your cat properly and provide them with scratching posts and other interesting toys that will redirect their attention from the furniture.

• Behavioral training – if you don’t know how to train your feline friend properly, and you cannot control its behavior, then the best thing to do is to invest in behavioral training.

Money-Saving Tips For Sphynx Cat Owners

Owning a pet is very expensive – this is something that every pet parent is well aware of! However, don’t worry because I have some useful money-saving tips to help.

• Pet insurance – the best way you can save money is to invest in pet insurance . Without it, you always have to be prepared for emergencies and unexpected bills. However, with pet insurance you can rest assured that you won’t have surprise vets’ bills.

• Purchase supplies in bulk – buying supplies in bulk can save you a few dollars as many pet stores give a discount on larger orders.

• Don’t go to pet salons – learn how to take proper care of your Sphynx without taking them to the pet salon.

• DIY pet toys – nowadays, you can find a lot of instructions for DIY pet toys that are easy to make, and save some money on buying real toys. This way, you can provide your feline with a new toy every once in a while.


Why Are Sphynx Cats So Expensive?

Purebred cats , for the most part, are always much more expensive than others. Sphynx cats , besides being purebred , are also very expensive because of their unique look and because they’re rare.

What Personality Do Sphynx Cats Have?

black Sphynx cat sitting on the table

The sphynx cat is a real extrovert of the cat world. It loves to show off for attention. They are friendly, loyal, and generally playful. These cats tend to be energetic, curious, and intelligent as well. The sphynx cat is happiest and healthiest as an indoor cat .

When you combine all these characteristics together, you get a cat that loves humans and a worthwhile companion that is engaging, playful, and lots of fun to be around.

Can I Have A Sphynx Cat On A Budget?

If you want to have a Sphynx cat on a budget, there are few options available. You can look if there are Sphynx cats available for adoption. If not, then you can check sites that sell Sphynx kittens . The last option, and the most expensive (but also safest), is to look at reputable breeders .

Moreover, the price of such a cat depends on the cat quality. If you want pet quality, you can save some money. However, if you want show quality or a cat with breeding rights , then prepare yourself to pay a high price for your Sphynx kitten .

Are Sphynx Cats Good With Children?

Sphynx cats are friendly, easy going cats. They have a loving personality which makes them good family pets and they can be very good with children.

Introducing a Sphynx cat to your child is a great way to help them learn how to take care of a new pet. The two would certainly make loving companions providing this pet has everything that it needs.

Are Sphynx Cats Good With Other Pets?

If you have other pets as well, Sphynx cats are a good addition to the family because their loving nature allows them to get along with other cats and dogs as well.


a powerful Sphynx cat wrapped in a pink blanket

Sphynx cats are beautiful, unique-looking cats, with easy-going personalities. Because of their hairless appearance and their rarity, the price for a Sphynx cat or kitten can be very high.

So, if you were wondering how much does a sphynx cat cost ,  Sphynx cat kittens will cost anywhere from $1,400 to $4,500 and potentially more, depending on the breeder.

A Sphynx cat is a great pet to have, but it is also very expensive. The reasons for this are usually related to their sensitive health. There are not a lot of breeders out there, so getting a kitten may be a challenge.

Adopting a Sphynx cat is a cheaper option than purchasing one from professional breeders . However, very rarely you may find this breed of cat in an adoption shelter or rescue center. Bear in mind, Sphynx cats that can be found there are usually older Sphynx cats who may have health issues .

However, owning a cat doesn’t mean just buying one, it also includes all the accompanying expenses such as equipment, health care, nutrition, grooming, pet insurance, and similar things.

Owning a pet like this is an investment, and the job of a cat parent isn’t always easy. So, if you cannot provide your feline with everything it needs, every day of its life, then it’s better not to get one.

If you provide your Sphynx cat with a lot of love and affection as well as all the material things, you two will definitely enjoy your life together.

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