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How To Get A Cat Out Of Heat Q-Tip & Other Methods

How To Get A Cat Out Of Heat Q-Tip & Other Methods

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Cat health always comes first! Perhaps it’s your cat’s first time for ovulation or its first heat cycle, she’s meowing and yowling pretty loudly, and you simply don‘t know what to do?!

Luckily, you’ve browsed to the right place! You’ve probably got an unspayed cat that has become a bit moody, loud, or it might even have started leaking discharge around the house.

Naturally, you want to help your beloved feline friend, you want to calm your cat down and ease their hormones until their heat cycle finishes.

You probably have a lot of questions! When do cats get heat cycles and how often, how to get a cat out of heat q-tip, and other methods…

All of this is explained in the text below.

How To Get A Cat Out Of A Heat Cycle

Perhaps you don’t want to neuter or spay your cat, or you don’t want their ovaries taken out just yet. However, for the time being, you’re also not ready for your cat to have kittens.

This means you’re trying to find the best way to help your cat get through its heat cycle, and eventually get out of it.

At the clinic, I meet a lot of cat owners and I deal with a lot of different cat issues. Many owners come saying “my cat has gone crazy“, especially when the heat cycle arrives for the first time.

There’s nothing to be worried about, and it is perfectly normal that you would be concerned and even start to think that your cat has gone crazy when it starts acting loud and unpredictable.

In the following section, I’ll explain how to get a cat out of heat q-tip method and other most commonly used methods.

How To Get A Cat Out Of Heat Q-Tip

The q-tip method is the most common method cat owners, and breeders, use to help a cat get out of heat. First of all, it is important to know that this method can cause infections if the q-tips you’re using aren’t sterilized.

You can put a couple of q-tips in warm water, completely soak them, and then put them in a ziplock. Then you can keep the ziplock bag in the freezer, so when you need a q-tip you can just take it out.

When your cat goes into heat, you take one q-tip and then clean, i.e. put the q-tip into your cat’s vagina, and then push it in and out a couple of times, your cat should quickly calm down. Throw away the q-tip once you’re done.

Many owners repeat this method every day while their female cat is in heat. This keeps their private parts unscented, and male cats usually don’t even notice that the female cat is in heat.

Storing the q-tips in the freezer is clean and it makes it easy for you to use them when necessary.

A lot of cat owners use this method, however, some don’t recommend it in case the fibers fall off and cause an infection, and also if not properly sterilized, q-tips can again cause infections in your cat’s genitals.

There is also a chance that the cat could get used to the q-tips, and therefore get even crazier the next time they go into heat.

Warm Pad For A Cat To Sit On

Another method that many people have found successful is using a warm heating pad. Giving your cat a warm pad to sit on can be very calming and helpful for a cat in heat. Warm pads are relaxing and cause your cat to stop vocalizing so loudly.

Pads are great for dealing with a cat in heat, plus they are chew-resistant. You can also use one of those heat packs that can be heated in the microwave and can be reused anytime you need it.

Calming Diffuser = Calm Cat

Most people prefer this method as it is safe for cats and no work is required, plus it is a long-lasting solution. If you get a calming diffuser, you just plug it into the wall, and it does the trick. Cat calming diffusers have a soothing, relaxing effect on cats; they reduce a cat’s stress, anxiety, and their desire for mating.

Cats in heat are also prone to aggression and these calming diffusers help stop this aggressive behavior. Many cat owners also have a diffuser plugged in while they use another one of these methods as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to lightly sedate your cat and make them more relaxed, check out: 11 Safe And Effective Over The Counter Sedatives For Cats

Let A Cat Nip On Catnip

Catnip is another common method preferred by cat owners when it comes to calming cats in heat. Catnip’s natural herbs help relax and calm your cat, and this is a successful way of getting your cat’s mind off its desire to mate.

Use Feliway

You can consider using Feliway. Feliway is a natural solution, i.e. a synthetic pheromone used to calm cats in general but especially during their heat cycles.

It may take some time (a week or two) of Feliway exposure before it starts to affect cats in a soothing way. If you have an intact female cat, you should consider plugging in a Feliway diffuser ahead of time, so when their heat cycle approaches, your cat will already have ingested some Feliway into her body.

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Try The Acupressure Method

Place your cat on the ground, with its back turned to you, facing away from you. Pet your cat so she raises her bottom, and shrugs her shoulders, and then check which side your cat holds its tail. If she holds her tail to the left, press on the right side of her tail with your finger.

If your cat’s holding her tail to the right, press on the left side.

Press under and near the cat’s tail until you can sense that there’s a hollow. Don’t put any pressure on the cat’s anus or vulva. Once you’ve located the hollow, press down and bend your index finger. Take your time and don’t rush it. When your cat stops yowling, release the pressure.

The cat will have an orgasm as soon as you remove your finger, and then the only thing that’s left to do is clean it. Your cat will be happy and content.

Understanding A Cat In Heat

When a cat is in heat, this is called the estrus cycle. This cycle usually lasts for about two to three weeks, and it happens around twice a year.

However, bear in mind that all cats are different; some cats may have more cycles in a year, while some may only have one cycle every eighteen months.

A female cat’s body experiences many changes while it is in heat. The most noticeable change for the owners is that it will become much more vocal than usual.

The cat may also become much more loving and affectionate; perhaps it is suddenly more cuddly, towards its owners, wanting more petting and attention. Some cats also become much more playful at this time.

The cat’s nipples also enlarge, and the cat might pee a lot more than it usually does.

The biggest change that the cat experiences is the swelling of its vulva, and they produce discharge too, which may be slightly bloody. This discharge is what male cats sense and what makes them come to your yard looking for your cat.

Other symptoms of a cat‘s heat cycle, besides the loud vocalization we have already discussed, include: yowling, urinating more frequently (both in and out of the litter box), behavioral changes, and changes to the cat’s nipples and vulva.

How Long Does A Cat’s Heat Cycle Last?

Cats are usually in heat for two weeks, although it can be a little less or a little more. The average heat cycle for female cats lasts for about two weeks. If you didn’t spay your cat and you don’t want a litter of kittens, it can be challenging to calm your cat and to get it out of heat.

The most noticeable symptom of a cat in heat is increased vocalization and aggressive or moody behavior. Your cat will also have increased hormonal senses, will rub its scent glands all over your house and may have a reddish discharge from her private parts.

Some cats exhibit stronger affection towards their owners, while others hide around the house. Some cats will also spray urine around your house to leave their scents and mark it as their territory.

How Often Does It Happen?

Cats usually go into heat twice a year, some cats go every six months and others may have their heat cycle fewer or more times a year, but it is usually twice a year.

It is important to help your cat get through its heat cycle process as painlessly as possible. You should try and keep your cats away from any possible tomcats, i.e. keep her indoors until her heat cycle is finished. If you have other cats living in the house, try and keep them separated until your cat’s heat cycle passes.

Possible Issues

Possible issues associated with the cat’s heat cycle include various underlying illnesses. If your cat’s heat cycle doesn’t end within two weeks, there might be an underlying cause. If this happens, you should take your cat to the vet and get some advice.

There could be an infection present, or some other illness associated with the cat’s heat cycle. Your cat may continue to smell after its heat cycle due to infection, and this can be uncomfortable for the entire household. However, all this can be treated, and your vet is there to help!

When In Heat, Cats…

When in heat, cats become more aggressive and may require a lot more grooming sessions. Cats in heat tend to get moody, and they might find their fur annoying at times. You are then required to clean and brush their coat so it stays clean, but this can also be soothing for your cat.

When your cat is in heat, brush her for 20 minutes every day to remove all the dead hairs from her coat. This will improve shedding and minimize clumping in her coat, which would otherwise emit a bad smell.

Check her coat for clumps or oily places on a regular basis, because a cat’s coat gets more oily when she is in heat.

Product Recommendations

When trying to get a cat out of heat q-tip and the acupressure method don’t require special cat-designed products, whereas other methods may require some simple purchases. I’ve done some research and tried these myself with my cats in the past, and at the clinic.

You may consider the following products from Amazon if you decide to try other techniques including catnip, diffusers, Feliway, and/or warm pads for dealing with your cat in heat.

1. Catnip

After many observations and trying out various different catnip products, I’ve narrowed the choice to the very cheap Our Pets Catnip and Potaroma Catnip Balls. Both are affordable, safe, and great for distracting and soothing cats in heat.

It comes down to your cat’s personal preferences. Whether your cat prefers munching on little bits of catnip herb or it likes nibbling on catnip balls, it’s your call. The best way is to try different options and see which one works best for your cat.

2. Diffusers & Feliway

When it comes to choosing diffusers, the best known is Feliway, and my best recommendation is to use a Feliway diffuser. The best product I’ve encountered so far is the Feliway Optimum Cat Diffuser which comes in different varieties and all of them have 30-day refills included.

Feliway diffusers really do calm cats, whether your cat is stressed, anxious, in heat or out of the heat, these diffusers help calm your cat and keep it satisfied and relaxed.

Most owners found this product (Feliway Optimum Cat Diffuser) worthwhile, and almost 94% of cat owners that tried it reported that their cats were much calmer and more content after using the diffuser.

3. Warm Pads

When it comes to using warm pads, you can choose between the Burgeon Nest Heating Pad or K&H Heated Pet Bed Warmer. There are many other products as well. However, I found these options to be of high quality yet relatively affordable. The difference between these two product recommendations is, again, your own preference.

You can check their prices and ratings and see if you’d prefer a bed warmer that you can plug in and use in any cat (or dog) bed, or if you’d like to buy the heating pad, a pillow-like bed that is plugged in and has a timer with 5 options, so you can have an additional bed that is used for certain occasions like cat’s heat cycles or during the winter.

You can also choose some other options that don’t require electricity. If you’d prefer that, I recommend you have a look at this Furhaven Therma Nap Cat Bed Pad, which is electricity-free and made with fibers that reflect the cat’s body heat, keeping it warm and cozy. It comes in a variety of colors, and you can also choose from sizes from small to XXXL.

Final Words

To conclude, always remember that all cats are different. Some cats can have multiple cycles a year, while others will have only one cycle every eighteen months. When a cat is in heat, she usually becomes more aggressive and may require more grooming sessions.

Cats in heat may be grumpy, and their hair can be bothersome at times. You may have to clean and brush their coats to keep them clean, but this may also be calming for your cat.

So how to get a cat out of heat q-tip or using other methods, you’ll have to try and find out for yourself because every cat will have its own preference; some cats might respond well to the q-tip method, others might be calmed completely by sitting on a warm pad.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand your cat better and points you in the right direction on how to help your cat get out of heat.

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