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Kitten Found In IKEA Parking Lot With A Heartbreaking Note That Shocked Everyone

Kitten Found In IKEA Parking Lot With A Heartbreaking Note That Shocked Everyone

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Every day, the number of abandoned animals, especially kittens, keeps growing. When I hear that someone found abandoned kittens, it no longer surprises me, but my immediate thought is how to help them.

However, this beautiful kitty named Vinnie was abandoned in a little different and unusual way.

Vinnie, a gray and white half-Bengal kitten, was discovered in a carrier in an IKEA parking lot. But wait, there’s more! 

letter for cats new home

There were some other items in the carrier along with the kitten. The most interesting was a note, probably left by the previous owner. The note said:

“Hi, my name is Vinnie, and I am a very handsome five-month-old half-Bengal boy kitten. My mummy loves me very, very much, but is unable to keep me for personal reasons. And I am very sad.”

Besides the note, there were some cat toys and cat food in the carrier too. The person who found Vinnie decided to contact the RSPCA, but before that, he took the cat to his home to keep him safe.

After investigating the case, Inspector Marie Hammerton explained:

“Vinnie’s owner had tried to give him away inside the IKEA store, but when they were informed that the cat could not be taken inside, they left him in the car park in his carrier.”

Further on, Hammerton expressed her gratitude to the person who found Vinnie and took him home where he would be safe. He was discovered at the last minute because a car could have easily run over his carrier. 

But, that’s not the end of the story for Vinnie. After that, the RSPCA took Vinnie to their Essex Havering Branch, to prepare him for adoption. I’m very happy that this sweet boy was saved just in time. 

kitty posing

Even the RSPCA used this incident to remind pet owners that abandoning animals isn’t an acceptable way to deal with a situation in which they can no longer provide the necessary care, and I couldn’t agree more!

I don’t blame or judge the woman who left Vinnie; perhaps she really couldn’t take proper care of him anymore. 

However, she could have asked her family or friends to take him in, or she could have immediately contacted the organizations such as the shelter and rescue center.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that Vinnie was saved, and I hope that many other cats will be as lucky as Vinnie did. They deserve happiness, after all!

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