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Kitten Found Alone In An Old Car Now Has Siblings To Share The Holiday Joy

Kitten Found Alone In An Old Car Now Has Siblings To Share The Holiday Joy

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Every cat lover knows that our felines can be found in the most unexpected places. Just like that, this tiny cream kitten was found all alone in an old car. 

The compassionate rescue group entrusted the kitten’s care to Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue in North Carolina, which immediately arranged a loving foster home for him.

Sarah Kelly, a foster from Greensboro, North Carolina, gladly welcomed the rescued timid kitten into her foster home and named him Bentley.

Bentley was in purrfect health, however, he was very shy and unsure about his new surroundings.

Thanks to Kelly, an experienced foster caregiver armed with lots of treats, patience, and love, Bentley embarked on a transformative journey. Slowly, but, surely, he started coming out of his shell.

Once he realized he was in safe hands, he turned into a purring machine and wasn’t afraid of asking for attention anymore. Every time Kelly entered the room, Bentley would greet her with charming meows and snuggles. 

Yet, Bentley’s destiny took a remarkable turn when he crossed paths with a litter of white kittens. These kittens, entrusted to Kelly’s guardianship, required round-the-clock care. They were so young, scared, and cuddled together in their carrier.

The “snow kittens,” as everyone called them, were cleaned up, and treated. They slowly started warming up to people, showing their curious side.

The six kittens, Polar, Ice, Snow, Storm, Blizzard, and Frost, began exploring their environment showing great interest in everything around them. Their appetites increased, as did their energy, including Polar’s. 

Polar has heterochromia, a condition that causes two different colored eyes, but he’s also deaf. However, that doesn’t stop him from being any different from his siblings.

The kittens would play together, and at the end of the day, they would snuggle up next to each other, ready for a well-deserved rest.

When the Snow Crew was finally medically cleared, they were ready to meet other foster cats, including Bentley, who instantly bonded with his new siblings. 

From the very beginning, he followed them around, and the kittens gladly accepted him as their big brother. 

Each member of this unique feline family possesses their distinct charm, including Bentley. He has a special talent for standing on his hind legs, especially when Kelly enters the room with food.

As time unfolded, the Snow Crew and Bentley collectively blossomed. From the timidity and fear that once enveloped them, they evolved into playful, confident companions ready to ring into the New Year.

So far, the kittens are doing great and who knows what else the future holds for them. I hope it’s only the best!

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