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Kitten Gets Her Leg Amputated But This Doesn’t Stop Her From Being A Bundle Of Energy

Kitten Gets Her Leg Amputated But This Doesn’t Stop Her From Being A Bundle Of Energy

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When Liz received a call from her worried neighbor about a crying kitten in the bushes, she immediately rushed to help.

Once she arrived she realized how terrified the kitten was, she wouldn’t let anyone come close to her. 

kitten in a bush
Source: Instagram

The kitten was hiding behind the bushes and crying as loud as she could, as Liz shared for The Dodo:

“She just looked so scared and I just wanted to help her.”

kitten behind the corner
Source: Instagram

After many tuna treats, she finally managed to get the kitten to trust her. She then brought her to the nearest vet, where she received a flea treatment and some devastating news.

The kitten was dragging her front paw, not being able to support herself. The vet told Liz the only option in this situation was – amputation.

adorable white kitten
Source: Instagram

Liz understood that this was the only way for the kitten to have a healthy life, however she wanted to bring her home before the surgery.

Meeting her new brother, a giant lab Luca, was a challenge. Liz knew how excited he got around kittens. Who could blame him, right? So she patiently put up some baby gates and made sure they could see each other.

dog in the house
Source: Instagram

While Huckleberry the kitten was relaxing in her drawer, Liz would bring Luca in so they could lie down together. After a while, Huckleberry built up some courage and she gently placed her paw on her brother Luca.

white kitten and dog
Source: Instagram

From that day on, an unbreakable bond was formed between these two. Shortly after, our little fluff ball went into surgery, and Luca was patiently waiting for her. 

Once Huckleberry came home from the surgery, she sure didn’t waste time lying around. Her wound healed quickly and without major complications, but instead of wearing a cone she found a way to be a real fashionista!

white dog and kitten
Source: Instagram

Liz would make her tiny sweaters and turtlenecks from her old slipper-socks in order to protect her surgery wound. This didn’t just serve as protection, let me just say. She looked absolutely adorable!

Luca, on the other hand, understood his “big brother” role amazingly. He was giving Huckleberry tiny kisses and playing gently with her. In return, she would make one-paw biscuits as a sign of affection.

cat and dog playing
Source: Instagram

The two of them spend their days wrestling, cuddling and taking naps together. Huckleberry also believes she is part dog. I know, crazy right? However, considering she has a giant lab as a role model it kind of makes sense.

She loves spending time outside, playing fetch (yes, fetch!) and playing in the laundry basket. As Liz shared in the post:

“She loves all the same things that he does, pretty much.”

dog and cat laying together
Source: Instagram

From the day she was found up until today, Huckleberry had quite a journey. Having her leg amputated didn’t stop her from being a little tornado, a real life of the party girl!

What makes me super happy is the fact that she has her brother Luca and her wonderful mom Liz, with whom she will never feel like a three-legged cat! The adventures of this trio can be followed on their Instagram account!

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