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Tiny Kitten Stuck In A Dumpster Drain Hole Desperately Crying For Help

Tiny Kitten Stuck In A Dumpster Drain Hole Desperately Crying For Help

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Our beloved feline friends have a knack for getting themselves into some pretty sticky situations which can often turn perilous.

However, thanks to kind-hearted individuals like Gary and Phelim, the heroes of today’s story, many kitties in need have a chance at a brighter tomorrow.

One day, as he was on his usual delivery rounds, Gary heard a feline cry coming from a nearby dumpster bin. The cat sounded distressed and in desperate need of urgent help.

man reaching kitten in dumpster
Credit: @thearrells

Without hesitation, Gary lifted the lid, revealing a dumpster chock-full of garbage bags. He started taking them out one by one, trying to find the poor kitty.

Once he reached the bottom, he discovered a tiny white and orange kitten stuck in a dumpster drain hole. 

kitten stuck in dumpster drain hole
Credit: @thearrells

Gary couldn’t believe his eyes! He wanted to help the crying kitty but just wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. He contacted the local animal shelter but thought it might be too late by the time they arrived. In his own words:

“This little one needed out now!”

Fortunately, Phelim, a fellow cat lover and a refrigeration engineer who happened to be working on the site, came to the rescue. He had an angle grinder that he skillfully put to use. 

man in dumpster helping the kitten
Credit: @thearrells

In a matter of minutes, he managed to cut out a section of the dumpster’s plastic and get the kitty out without hurting her. 

Then, they took a pair of heavy-duty cutting pliers and cut the remaining plastic around the kitty’s head, completely setting her free. 

photo of kitten stuck in drain hole
Credit: @thearrells

Garry said:

“It was a delicate job, but Phelim did brilliantly without hurting her. She was frightened and distressed as you can imagine. He cut the plastic away one piece at a time so as not to hurt her. Considering what she’d been through she was very patient with us, and calm.”

Once she realized she was no longer imprisoned, the cat wriggled out of their hands and ran away, rejoining her feral family. Gary said:

“Off she goes with no visible injuries back to her mother who I’m sure has missed her.” 

Even though Gary and Phelim didn’t end up taking the kitten to the vet or even adopting him, the important thing is that they managed to save her life.

No doubt, the kitten will be furever grateful!

man helping the kitten
Credit: @thearrells

If you’ve enjoyed this story, make sure to check out Gary’s TikTok account where he originally shared his heroic experience. 

Also, if you have a similar story to share, I encourage you to leave it in the comments below. 

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