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Denver Rescuer Discovers Three Kittens In A Bear’s Den But Something’s Wrong With One Of Them

Denver Rescuer Discovers Three Kittens In A Bear’s Den But Something’s Wrong With One Of Them

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When Jen Koscheka arrived for her shift that day at a Wild Animal Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado, she never expected to find three adorable kittens in a bear’s den.

Among them was Ollie, an adorable blind white kitten whose heartwarming story I’m about to share with you!

close-up photo of a blind cat
Credit: @blindollie

According to Jen, feral cats often visit the sanctuary, attracted by all the “free meals.”

The staff routinely traps these cats for spaying or neutering, rehoming the social ones and releasing the others back into safe areas of the sanctuary. 

They also care for pregnant and nursing cats until the kittens are ready for adoption. 

Sadly, the mother of the three kittens found in the bear’s den was nowhere to be found. 

three kittens on a blanket
Credit: @blindollie

After their rescue, the staff members at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Denver assessed the kittens and found that they were just two weeks old, facing slim chances of survival without their mother. 

Without hesitation, Jen decided to step in and foster all three of them. 

Among the kittens, one was diagnosed with microphthalmia in one eye, characterized by unusually small eye size, and anterior segment dysgenesis in the other, involving abnormalities in the front portion of the eye. 

Despite these obstacles, this little guy quickly captured Jen’s heart.

tiny kitten
Credit: @blindollie

Fearing that his condition might make it challenging for him to find a forever home, Jen and her partner Justin made the heartwarming decision to adopt him, naming him Ollie. Recalling the moment, Jen says:

“One look into his super cloudy eye was all it took for me to fall head over heels in love! From the start, there was something so extra special about Ollie!”

Ollie seamlessly integrated into Jen’s family. From the first day, he proved to be a devoted cuddler and a genuine lap cat. 

His favorite pastime, by far, was rubbing against his adoptive parents. Jen believes this was his way of marking them with his scent so he could easily find them later.

woman and a blind cat
Credit: @blindollie

Today, Ollie lives happily with six cat siblings and a big dog named Tilda. 

While he revels in playtime and cuddles with his extended family, his connection with Jen is truly extraordinary. She articulates the uniqueness of their bond, saying:

“The day we brought Ollie home, he was my baby. I’ve never had a foster bond with my soul so immediately.” 

She further expresses:

“I don’t have favorites, but I cannot describe how he has just burrowed a tiny bit deeper into my heart! He is just pure love. He epitomizes caring, pureness, light, joy, and love! Ollie truly is my ‘soul cat.’ “

It appears that Ollie and Jen were destined to find each other. Their bond serves as a beautiful testament to the profound strength of unexpected love!

ollie the blind cat
Credit: @blindollie

I encourage you to explore Ollie’s Instagram profile to learn more about this incredible kitty. Jen aims to share his story in the hope that it inspires more people to consider adopting special-needs cats.

She firmly believes that while these unique kitties may have challenges in eyesight or other physical abilities, they compensate with an even bigger heart! Who wouldn’t want to experience that kind of love?

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