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Tiny Wounded Kitten Finds A Forever Home After Foster Mom Showers Him With Love

Tiny Wounded Kitten Finds A Forever Home After Foster Mom Showers Him With Love

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Newborn kittens receive non-stop care from their cat moms. However, when their mom is not in the picture anymore, these little fur balls need our assistance. 

Best Friends Animal Society from Utah found Scar when he was only a few days old. Unfortunately, he was in urgent need of help. This poor soul had an open wound on his shoulder, hence the name – Scar. 

injured black kitten
Source: Youtube

After receiving necessary vet care, the shelter quickly found him a foster mom! Lauren is a foster volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society, who specializes in caring for neonatal kittens such as Scar. 

sweet newborn gray kitten
Source: Youtube

Lauren’s main goal was to help Scar heal as soon as possible. She started knitting him small sweaters from new socks. Not only did this make him look absolutely adorable, but it also ensured his gauze stayed in place.

gray kitten laying on a back
Source: Youtube

Needless to say, Lauren bottle-fed this little fur ball on a daily basis. Growing strong and healthy was Scar’s one-way ticket to a forever home

As soon as he started eating on his own, he became strong and his true personality shined through. Scar was fond of sunny walks, cuddly naps, and lots of affection. Who could blame him, right? 

red haired woman and kitten
Source: Youtube

Considering his recovery was more than successful, Lauren decided to bring another foster kitten to the mix. Surely, Mr. Smiley helped Scar heal even more and bring that socialization skill to the next level.

woman feeding gray kitten
Source: Youtube

Eventually, Scar’s wound healed and he transformed into an energetic playful kitten ready for a new home.

Luckily for Scar, finding a forever home was super easy. During his stay and recovery journey with Lauren, someone else was completely smitten by Scar. Lauren’s best friend Jacey welcomed our fur ball Scar to her home.

sweet gray kitten laying
Source: Youtube

Since living with Jacey, his days have been filled with numerous adventures and exploring. Scar is seen chasing his toys and tail, making each day an opportunity for a new adventure. 

woman and hers gray kitten
Source: Youtube

However, most importantly Jacey is providing love and affection for our little buddy. As Best Friends Animal Society said in their video:

“Now that Scar is healthy, his adventure is just beginning. Welcome home, little man!”

I am super excited that Best Friends Animal Society found such a perfect match for little Scar and I wish him many healthy adventurous years to come!

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