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Chunky Kitty Loves Donuts And Is A Regular Customer At A Local Bakery

Chunky Kitty Loves Donuts And Is A Regular Customer At A Local Bakery

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Every small town has its charm, but Chapin, South Carolina, has a story that’s truly one-of-a-kind. 

While the locals love to kick off their mornings with fresh, mouthwatering donuts from their beloved bakery, there’s one early bird who always beats them to the punch.

 And no, it’s not a person, but a local stray cat with a penchant for sweets.

The bakery at the heart of this tale is Chickenbutt Donuts, renowned for serving the best donuts in town. 

It’s the go-to morning spot for many in Chapin, with Oreo, a plump black and white cat sporting a serious donut obsession, often leading the line.

Oreo is not just the first one there, but he’s also got a bit of a stubborn streak, ensuring no one cuts in front before he’s had his fill of the bakery air.

Chickenbutt Donuts recently took to Facebook to spotlight their most loyal patron, posting:

“We open at 6 am. The line starts behind this guy.”

The community loves Oreo, and the comments on the post prove it, with many saying they’d happily wait their turn behind this donut-loving feline. 

Oreo, however, seems indifferent to the fame and people’s sentiments, focused solely on his next donut fix.

The bakery staff, up before dawn, always look forward to Oreo’s company. Each morning, he’s there to welcome them, offer moral support, and, of course, wait for the first batch of donuts. 

While they adore him, they’re careful not to feed him any sweets.

Thankfully, Chickenbutt Donuts and other neighborhood businesses always make sure Oreo has nutritious and cat-friendly meals at his disposal.

That said, sometimes Oreo’s charm wins out, and he snags a small bite of a donut. 

But the team at Chickenbutt Donuts is committed to keeping him healthy, so these treats are rare exceptions. 

After all, everyone wants what’s best for their furry friend, and that means keeping the sugary snacks to a minimum.

Not every bakery gets to boast about having such an adorable mascot, so Chickenbutt Donuts counts itself lucky. I’ve put this bakery on my must-visit list, eager to try their famed donuts and meet the famous Oreo in person.

How about you? Has this story tempted you to make a trip to Chapin? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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