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Learn Cat Language So You Can Strike Up A Convo With Your Beloved Feline Companion

Learn Cat Language So You Can Strike Up A Convo With Your Beloved Feline Companion

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Imagine how great it would be to be able to talk to your cat. On the other hand, I’m sometimes glad my cats cannot speak as they know all of my secrets.

However, even though our felines cannot speak our language, they’re still able to communicate with us – you only need to learn how.

If you’re a cat parent, then you already know that cats communicate through their body language and behavior, so each cat parent should learn the basics of these two things in order to talk with the cat.

Speaking cat is something that you learn from a kitten’s earliest days. You must train your cat properly in order to teach it certain things. For example, if you want your cat to stop doing something you can use words such as “NO”, “STOP”, “DOWN”, and similar. 

However, the important thing is to use these words properly. Say these words in a strong, serious voice so that your kitty knows you don’t approve of that specific behavior. If you use these words in the same soft, sweet voice you use when you’re rewarding the cat, it may confuse it very badly.

Furthermore, when you want to reward your kitty or just do sweet talk, you should talk with a soft and sweet voice so the cat can actually recognize whether it’s something good or bad.

If you want to let the cat know it did something good, then you should use words like “YES”, “GOOD”, “GREAT”, “TREAT”, and similar pawsitive words that will help the cat realize it’s a good behavior.

Still, before you start speaking to your cat, it’s important to learn how the cat’s body language functions and what they’re trying to tell you when they do certain things.

The meaning of cat’s eyes:

The meaning of cat’s eyes

The meaning of cat’s head:

The meaning of cat’s head

The meaning of cat’s tail:

The meaning of cat’s tail

The meaning of different vocalizations:

The meaning of cat’s vocalization

These are just some of the most common tips on how to understand your cat’s body language and how to easily speak cat. If you want to reach the expert level, then you should check out this video that will explain different cat behaviors and their body language.

Good luck with learning how to speak cat! It’s very easy and fun, but you’ll have to practice a lot to avoid making grammeowtical mistakes!

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