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The Foster Kitten In A Pink Hamster Bed Will Steal Your Heart

The Foster Kitten In A Pink Hamster Bed Will Steal Your Heart

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Meet Liliana, the foster kitten, and tell me: Have you ever seen anything cuter than her tucked in a tiny hamster bed, peeking out with her beautiful blue eyes? I know I haven’t.

Liliana was rescued and taken in by her foster mom, Sara Lanz, along with another tiny kitten named Rosa.

Little kitten staring

Despite being 4 weeks old, they were the size of 1-week-old kittens, which meant their foster mom had a lot of work to do to fatten them up and get them healthy.

Woman holding kitten with one hand

When Rosa first arrived at her new home, she was very sick. Luckily, thanks to Sara, Rosa quickly recovered, regained energy and appetite, and started making biscuits with her tiny paws.

Little kitten in blanket

After Rosa’s recovery, Liliana also got sick. Once again, Sara did everything she could to make Liliana feel better, and she successfully recovered.

Little kitten sitting

She shared photos of these two adorable kittens, hoping to find them forever homes. But the photos that captured the Internet’s heart were the ones of Liliana tucked in a tiny pink hamster bed. Sara wrote:

“Liliana loves this little hamster bed.”

Two little kitten in blanket

One of the followers wrote:

“I can’t even stand how stinkin’ adorable this is.”

Another person wrote:

“(Googles hamster bed shopping)”

Two kittens with blue eyes

With a lot of care, love, and attention, Liliana and Rosa continued to grow and transform into big, but still cute, kitties. They bonded so much that they couldn’t bear to be apart.

Two little kittens laying in the bed

Eventually, the time for the kittens’ departure arrived, and Sara had to say goodbye and head out for a new life at the Arlington-based AWLA Kitten College Program.

Kitten with hat

After all, “goodbye is the goal” for every foster parent, even though it’s sometimes bittersweet. 

Black kitten sitting

So, Sara got one last snuggle with her adorable babies and sent them off to their new family to provide them with love and companionship. Hopefully, this adorable duo will stay together fur-ever!

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