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These 8 Cat Breeds Are The Friendliest

These 8 Cat Breeds Are The Friendliest

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In my career as a cat parent, I have met many different cats and no two of them had the same personality. 

According to the research, it’s true that cats have personalities and that each feline is different. Just as there are cats who are more independent and those who are less independent, there are also cats who are more friendly and those who like to enjoy their solitude.

Most cat lovers choose friendly cat breeds for their pets, especially first-time and inexperienced owners, as it’s much easier to work with them. So, which cat breeds are considered to be the friendliest? If you stick with me, you’ll find out now!

#8 Scottish Fold Cat

photo of a scottish fold cat, one of the friendliest cat breeds
Photo from: @muu_daybyday

The Scottish Fold is a cat with a unique appearance and a friendly personality. These cats are considered to be one of the friendliest breeds because they don’t like spending time alone. They always need company, whether it’s their parents or another furry companion. 

What’s most interesting about this breed is its easy-going personality. Scottish Fold cats are very playful and they enjoy entertaining their parents. But, after a good playtime, most of all they love to snuggle with their owners and just enjoy the company. 

#7 Abyssinian/Somali Cat

Photo of abssynian cat, one of the friendliest cat breeds
Photo from:

You might wonder why Abyssinian and Somali cats are in the same paragraph. Well, in case you didn’t know, these two breeds are pretty much the same thing. The only difference is that the Somali is like a long-haired version of an Abyssinian cat. 

Despite their slightly different appearance, they both have the same sweet and friendly personalities. These cats adore interacting with their humans. 

What’s even better is that both breeds are highly intelligent and very active. So, they like to spend their time entertaining their owners and performing different tricks.

#6 Persian Cat

white persian cat, one of the friendliest cat breeds
Photo from: @persian_kingleo

If you want a furry friend that will cuddle with you all day long, then you should choose a Persian cat. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Persian cats are considered to be one of the calmest and friendliest cat breeds. 

If you’re not a busy person, then Persian cats are perfect for you. They usually enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing. They’re not very energetic, and they just need your love and attention. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so!

#5 Maine Coon

maine coon, of the friendliest cat breeds
Photo from: @omar_mainecoon

While their appearance may say run for your life, their personality says the opposite, cuddle with me

These cats may be one of the largest breeds in the world, but one thing is for sure, they have even bigger hearts. No wonder they’re called gentle giants.

Maine Coons are one of the friendliest breeds which makes them perfect family pets. They’re also intelligent and can be easily trained. So, if you’re looking for a cat with an exotic appearance but a nice personality, I think this one is your purrfect match.

#4 Siamese Cat

Well, if you’re looking for a feline friend to chat with during the morning coffee, then you won’t regret getting a Siamese cat. On the contrary, if you’re not a morning person, I advise you to avoid Siamese cats at all costs.

Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds and are very recognizable for their distinctive look. They’re very loyal and friendly, which is why they’re often referred to as cats with a dog-like personality. That’s probably because they’ll follow you everywhere you go. 

However, what most people like/don’t like is the fact that Siameses are extremely talkative. So, if you’d be happy to have a furry chat buddy, then the Siamese cat is the one for you.

#3 Ragdoll Cat

ragdoll cat, one of the friendliest cat breeds
Photo from: @ragdoll.fluffycats

Ragdoll cats literally have the best of both worlds; they have gorgeous looks and friendly personalities. What makes them the friendliest breed of cat is the fact that they’re very dependent so they cannot live without their hoomans. 

Ragdolls have easy-going personalities and they get along very well with young children and other pets. 

That’s amazing, especially if you have a big family. Still, if you decide to get a Ragdoll cat, the hardest decision awaits you… You have to choose between many different but gorgeous Ragdoll colors. Well, that’s actually a sweet problem to have.

#2 Sphynx Cat

sphynx cat, one of the friendliest cat breeds
Photo from: @sphynx_nuboreo

The Sphynx cat breed is proof that looks can sometimes be deceiving. While these, almost hairless, kitties may not look like the friendliest cats ever, they actually are. 

These cats are considered to be one of the friendliest breeds of all. They’re very lovely and enjoy human company, especially when they need to tuck themselves up in your lap. 

Still, Sphynx cats can also be hilarious and entertaining. What can I say, looks like some cats simply love pleasing their humans.

#1 Burmese Cat

burmese cat, one of the friendliest cat breeds
Photo from: @burm31

Finally, all of these mentioned cats are friendly, but I can say that Burmese cats are definitely one of the friendliest. My friend has one and I‘m telling you, this cat just wants to kiss you and love you, nothing more. 

But hey, what’s even better is that Burmese cats are also friendly towards other animals. That makes these cats perfect pets, especially if you have other members in your furry family.

A FUR-iendly Reminder

This list shows you the 8 friendliest cat breeds, but there’s one thing you should know. These breeds are considered to be the friendliest but you should know that every individual cat has its own personality. 

Therefore, your Sphynx or Siamese cat – or any one of these – isn’t necessarily guaranteed to be the friendliest; they can have their bad days too. Still, all of these breeds are pretty much easy to train and live with. So, picking one of them definitely won’t be a mistake.

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