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What This Owner Did For His Senior Cat Struggling With Stairs Will Surely Tug At Your Heartstrings

What This Owner Did For His Senior Cat Struggling With Stairs Will Surely Tug At Your Heartstrings

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As a cat parent, I know I’d do everything for my feline friends. And, after hearing and reading many stories of different cat parents, I’m sure I’m not the only one. 

Here’s a lovely story as proof. Liam Thompson is a YouTuber who adores his 20-year-old ginger cat, Frodo. He is very creative and loves to build and create new things. 

an elevator for an old sick cat
Credit: Liam Thompson

Liam even gained almost 2 million subscribers, mostly because of the videos of his DIY skills, his lovely cat Frodo, and his labradoodle dog Max. But one of the videos that quickly went viral was of him building an elevator for Frodo (check below).

The thing is that Frodo loves to sit in the sun by the pool, but the main problem is that he has trouble climbing the stars due to his age. Luckily, his owner had an idea.

an old yellow cat is lying on a wooden board
Credit: Liam Thompson

Liam decided to use his knowledge and skills and build an elevator that would allow Frodo to reach the destination easily without using the stairs.

He collected pieces of plywood, sliding door rails, and an electric hoist, resulting in an amazing DIY cat elevator for his beloved cat.

Still, this wasn’t an easy thing to do. Liam spent days measuring, sawing, sanding, and even testing his invention to make sure it was completely safe for Frodo.

cat lift
Credit: Liam Thompson

He used a stuffed toy to test the machine, and when he was finally sure about his invention, it was time to meet Frodo with his elevator. He joked with Frodo:

“Are you ready to go downstairs without moving a muscle? I hope so because it took me four days!”

And what about Frodo? Well, if you look at his picture lying on the elevator, I’d say he loves it. 

the old cat in the blue box
Credit: Liam Thompson

The elevator worked well and it served the purpose, making it a bit easier for Frodo

Liam described this project and success as the greatest of his life. He was really happy to help Frodo. I mean, aren’t we all happy to help and satisfy our cats? I’m sure we are!

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