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Man Finds An Abandoned Kitten By The Road And Walks Right Into An Unbelievable Trap

Man Finds An Abandoned Kitten By The Road And Walks Right Into An Unbelievable Trap

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Robert Brantley, a professional rifle shooter and a dad of two, stumbled into the sweetest furry trap. What started as a simple rescue mission and unfolded into a heartwarming adventure, will leave you smiling all day!

Driving to the shooting range on one seemingly ordinary day, Brantley spotted a tiny stray kitten by the road. He immediately stopped to offer a helping hand, not suspecting a thing. 

With a heart full of goodwill, he stepped out of his car, turned the camera on, and started calling out to the furry cutie. The feline immediately bounced to his feet in response. As Brantley picked it up, he said:

“He’s on the side of the road. He’s going to get killed for sure.”

Focused on capturing the tender moment, Brantley didn’t realize he was in for an even sweeter surprise. Not one, not two, but a stampede of adorable furballs popped up from the grass, each more adorable than the last and all meowing for attention. 

Within seconds, thirteen kittens were running in circles around Brantley’s feet, as if begging “take me home right meow”. He exclaimed:

“Oh, no, there’s a whole — oh, my gosh! I can’t take y’all. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, there’s more! We got a kitten problem!” 

Indeed, it was a kitten problem, the most heartwarming one! 

Although initially overwhelmed by this fury surprise, Brantley was shaken by the thought that the poor felines were abandoned like that, saying:

“Who would do this? I thought I was saving one. Hot diggity dog.”

Despite saying he couldn’t take the whole gang with him, Brantley just didn’t have the heart to leave them alone. Unable to resist their desperate pleas for help, he decided to bring them all to his home.

This was easier said than done. As he tried to place each kitten into the back of the car, they just kept wriggling out. To keep them all inside, Brantley rolled down the windows and closed the door, knowing they were too small to jump out.

Upon arriving home, he gave the kittens a warm bath and took them to the vet for a check-up. He made sure they received the care they needed, sharing:

“They’re all here at the house; they’re all doing good. The first time I fed them, they fought like they had never eaten a bite of food before.”

The kittens truly enjoyed being taken care of by their new hooman friends. They even befriended the family’s two dogs, playing all together in the yard.

Meanwhile, as Brantley shared the video of the whole kitten rescue situation on social media, his post went viral, reaching millions of views. Overwhelmed by the reaction and support, he shared:

“It’s amazing that not only people saw it… But took the time to reach out and thank me and all that, but there’s no need to thank me. I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t have done that, I don’t know who could leave them or pass them up after seeing them.”

Brantley kept his followers updated on the kittens’ progress, taking their advice on cleaning and feeding the little ones. When they grew old enough, he shared the news about searching for their forever homes

As word of the most paw-some rescue spread, adoption offers poured in from all around the country. Brantley shared:

“We had a lot of really good people that are local reach out wanting them, and a lot of people are wanting to do pairs to keep them together, which I’m pumped about.”

However, when the adoption process began and the applications started rolling in, Brantley realized he simply couldn’t part with the entire kitten gang. He knew that some bonds were meant to last forever. 

That’s how the very first kitten he rescued, Scout, and two of his most playful siblings, found a forever home with Brantley’s family.

Thanks to the kind heart of Brantley, now a proud cat daddy, all of the kittens are thriving with their families, far away from the hardships of the street!

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