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After Years Of Living A Rough Life, This Matted, Dirty Cat Gets A Transformation Of A Lifetime

After Years Of Living A Rough Life, This Matted, Dirty Cat Gets A Transformation Of A Lifetime

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While some cats may live quite normal lives on the street, thanks to kind people who feed them and take care of them, there are other stray cats who aren’t that lucky.

Some of them are tortured, sick, injured, and live a rough life every day. One of these unlucky cats was a beautiful kitty spotted on the streets.

The poor cat was in a severely bad condition. He looked as though he’s been fending for himself and living this rough life for quite some time. 

sad injured cat
Credit: Celine Crom

His lucky day had to come sooner or later. That lucky day was when a kind woman, Marie-Eve, spotted this cat in her neighborhood. She knew immediately that this kitty needed urgent help.

The cat was covered in dirt and the fur was matted. It was obvious that the cat was in pain.

However, the rescue plan was much more difficult than she expected. After living so rough for so long, the cat’s survival instinct wouldn’t let anyone approach him or even capture him. 

abandoned cat outdoor
Credit: Celine Crom

This kitty was so smart that he avoided the trap for almost three weeks. However, the only thing that tricked him to get into the trap was food.

The poor cat was so hungry that he couldn’t resist the food anymore, so he finally entered the trap.

While the cat wasn’t the happiest after being trapped, Marie-Eve felt relieved because she could finally help him and treat him the way he deserved.

She took him to the vet on her own so that he could be examined, treated, and groomed to reduce all the knots and mats from his coat.

poor cat laying
Credit: Celine Crom

Soon, even the cat realized that Marie-Eve was his rescuer and only wanted to help him. When he came home with her, he was provided with everything he needed, including a comfy bed where he could finally rest peacefully.

For the first time in a long time, the cat felt safe and pain-free.

After finding out about this cat and hearing about his rough life, a local rescue offered to foster the cat and provide him with the necessary treatments and rehabilitation. Celine from the rescue said:

“He had war wounds, including an abscess on his cheek. His ears were frostbitten, which indicated that he’d spent at least one winter outside. His rescuer saved his life just in time, as he wouldn’t have been able to survive another winter on his own.”

poor cat sitting indoor
Credit: Celine Crom

Finally, everything started going well for this lovely cat; he even got a name – Marcel. The vets concluded that he was around 4 years old, but he was very shy and nervous about everything new around him in the clinic. 

“He was constantly avoiding eye contact, and he was terrified of all the changes. He was missing a few teeth, and his ears had scars from frostbite. His wandering life must have been very difficult.”

Marcel’s biggest transformation happened when a volunteer from the rescue, Lily, decided to take him home to foster. 

woman holding a cat in arms
Credit: Celine Crom

Within only 24 hours, he went from a very timid kitty who buried his face out of shyness to lying in his foster mom’s lap purring.

Marcel would fall asleep next to his foster mom. He would still get startled easily by some sounds, but soon, he realized he was safe there. So, it was a very promising beginning. 

After a few weeks at his foster home, Marcel finally came out of his shell and started trusting humans. Although he was a big, strong kitty, he showed that he was just a kitten at heart. 

cat sleeping on purple blanket
Credit: Celine Crom

He adored having attention and would always want endless hugs and cuddles. Lily said:

“He was pampered, and he got his hugs every day. This sad-looking bear became happier and happier. Marcel likes to be the center of attention. If we talk to him, he answers.”

She also added that Marcel had a very difficult past, which is why he was afraid of change. Luckily, the love, care, and attention he received from his foster home, finally helped him blossom.

woman caressing cat head
Credit: Celine Crom

Soon after he adjusted to his new life, another great news arrived. Two months after he was rescued, he finally found his fur-ever home and a loving family.

“Marcel has found his perfect match!”

Looking at his pictures before and after he had been rescued, it’s literally hard to believe that it’s the same cat in both pictures. 

interesting cat with big eyes
Credit: Celine Crom

The sadness from his eyes vanished completely, and now they’re filled with the joy and promise of a love-filled life!

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