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One-Eyed Kitty Regains Her Trust In Humanity After Compassionate Souls Save Her Life

One-Eyed Kitty Regains Her Trust In Humanity After Compassionate Souls Save Her Life

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When the adorable tabby kitten arrived at the Blue Cross shelter, she was just a frightened little baby, in pain and trembling. 

Sadly, her injured eye needed to be removed for her well-being, and thus began the journey of little Candy Cane toward a brighter life.

From Scared And Injured To Healthy And Loved

one-eyed kitten
Credit: Facebook

At the Blue Cross Victoria Animal Hospital, they couldn’t ignore the urgent need for help that Candy had. They shared on their Facebook page at the time: 

“Candy is only a youngster and found herself in need of help as she had a ruptured eye, we aren’t sure how this happened to her. Candy underwent surgery to remove the ruptured eye, we also neutered and microchipped her at the same time.”

cat without one eye
Credit: Facebook

The surgery took away her pain, and she found comfort in a loving foster home, where she began to realize that the world wasn’t always a frightening place. As Blue Cross expressed:

“This little lady is very nervous of the world and has gone off to one of our amazing carers to recover from her surgery and also to learn that life doesn’t always have to be scary.”

Candy Cane will inevitably need some time to adjust to her new life and to start trusting people again. 

Learning To Trust People Again

oneeyed cat smiling
Credit: Facebook

Candy Cane faced a challenging journey in relearning to trust people, but along came Wendy Penfold, a compassionate foster mom who poured love and care into her. Wendy played a crucial role in helping Candy rebuild her trust in humans, stating:

“When Candy came to me, she had lost her trust in humans and was very nervous.”

oneeyed cat with toy
Credit: Facebook

It’s heartwarming to witness her progress, as she transformed from hiding away to slowly exploring her surroundings. 

Wendy’s patience and affection, along with the help of a cat climber, allowed Candy to feel safe once more, revealing her playful side. Wendy shared:

“She would run and hide when I’d come into the room but by the end of her time with me, she became more inquisitive to know what I’m doing and staying in the same area as me.”

cat with one eye on the couch
Credit: Facebook

Wendy, a true animal lover, not only helped Candy but also introduced her to a feline friend named Rita. Their bond boosted Candy’s confidence and opened her up further.

The best part? Candy found her fur-ever family now!

cat with one eye
Credit: Facebook

A loving couple adopted Candy, providing her with all the love and understanding she needed to feel secure and cared for. It’s truly heartwarming to witness such kindness extended to a little one like her, offering hope for a bright future filled with love and care.

oneeyed cat standing
Credit: Facebook

Candy’s transformation is a heartwarming tale, and if you’re interested in more uplifting stories like this, be sure to check out our Facebook page.

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