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Paralyzed Cat Found On The Side Of The Road Takes First Steps Towards Walking Again

Paralyzed Cat Found On The Side Of The Road Takes First Steps Towards Walking Again

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Cats are famous for their remarkable balance and effortlessly strolling along narrow fences. Unfortunately, for this little kitty that ability was questionable. With partial paralysis, the future of this feline was uncertain.

A small kitten named Miles was only two months old when he ended up alone and hurt on the side of the road. With his back legs dragging on the pavement, it was clear as day that he needed professional help. 

Thankfully, a compassionate stranger quickly brought him to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, where his life was about to change for good. Very soon, Miles was on his way to receive the help he needed. 

After an extensive examination, the vets at the clinic didn’t find any broken bones, but Miles couldn’t move his back legs. This meant he required assistance to go to the bathroom since he couldn’t use a litter box independently. 

Despite all these obstacles, there was still hope. Miles could still feel his legs, and with the help of physical therapy, his chances of walking again looked promising.

Miles still had a lot of challenges in front of him, but luckily Sarah, a vet tech at the Sanctuary, was there to help. She had a special place in her heart for animals with special needs, so she was more than happy to become his foster mom. 

Sarah created a warm and loving home for Miles, who was shy at first but flourished under her care. 

He turned out to be a lively little guy, zipping around on his front legs, playing with toys, and racing through their room at night. Sarah shared: 

“I’ve always been drawn to animals with special needs. I didn’t have any other foster pets, and I don’t have any pets right now. So I had the ability to do it, and I thought he would need a little bit more attention.” 

At the beginning of his treatment, Miles went through electro-acupuncture therapy once a week. Dr. Tara Timpson would carefully insert small needles to stimulate his nerves. 

Miles has usually found the experience relaxing. He got his own soft cushion and a pile of blankets, and he sometimes even dozes off during the sessions.

However, there have been moments when his mischievous side emerged, causing a challenge for Dr. Tara to position the needles correctly. 

Despite his occasional wild behavior, Dr. Tara has been fully committed to helping him through his treatment. She shared: 

“I try to do this one at the base of the paw pad, but he’s getting so much more feeling that it’s really hard for me to get that one.”

When he first started his treatment, Miles didn’t really react to the needles. However, things changed now, as he can shake his foot and pull it away swiftly. 

His tail has also shown progress, while it was previously unresponsive to the needles. It now flicks with excitement during the therapy.

Usually, right after an acupuncture session, Dr. Tara stretches Miles’ back legs and gently rotates his hips to help loosen them up.

As she does this, he can’t help but purr and roll onto his back, extending his front paws towards Sarah. To him, an acupuncture appointment is like having everyone’s attention, which he absolutely loves.

Additionally, Sarah has kept on stretching and massaging his legs, which has been really helpful with his recovery. They have also utilized a unique cart to assist him with exercising and building up his core muscles.

Although Miles doesn’t necessarily need the cart to move around, spending time in it each day is highly beneficial for strengthening his core.

As the days went by, Miles became more and more resilient. His daily cart rides and acupuncture sessions have been the secret to his healing process.

The aim was to regain his ability to move freely and more importantly, to find him a loving home where he would be showered with affection. 

Thanks to his helpful guardian angels, there is no doubt he’ll get a second chance and be able to live a better life soon.

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