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Cat Dad From Purvis Tests Calming Cat Speaker With His Hyperactive Cat To See If It Really Works

Cat Dad From Purvis Tests Calming Cat Speaker With His Hyperactive Cat To See If It Really Works

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Are you aware there’s a speaker out there designed specifically to soothe our furry friends? Yep, a cat-centric speaker has hit the market, and it’s got cat lovers buzzing with curiosity. 

Eager to see if this gadget is the real deal or just a flash in the pan, many cat owners have been scooping it up for a trial run.

Today, we dive into a review from Abram Engle, a dedicated cat dad hailing from Purvis, Mississippi, who decided to put this product to the test with his own kitty. Let’s find out if his feline friend gave it a paws-up or if it was a miss.

Source: Abram Engle

The speaker in question is called Pet Tunes Feline designed with the lofty goal of easing stress caused by environmental factors, loud noises from thunderstorms, and nighttime restlessness. 

It’s touted as a stress reliever for cats during travel, transitioning to new homes, or even during grooming sessions.

Claimed to be clinically proven to calm cats, this speaker produces music specifically designed for feline ears. It purportedly improves heart rate variability (HRV), lowers pulse rate, and decreases cortisol levels.

Abram was eager to put these claims to the test, and he had the ideal candidate to assist him: his orange tabby named Kurt.

cat and speaker
Source: Abram Engle

Apparently, Kurt has a stuffed toy that resembles him, which he absolutely detests. According to Abram, whenever Kurt comes near the toy, he immediately attacks it, becoming visibly nervous and agitated.

Curious to see if the speaker could alter Kurt’s behavior, Abram devised a simple experiment. He explained:

“I figured if I put the stuffed animal beside him and play the music maybe he would not attack the stuffed animal. Because that means that the music had calmed him and the speaker worked.”

The speaker comes with nine different songs and is recommended to be placed four feet above the ground for optimal effect. 

Following the instructions, Abram positioned the stuffed animal on the couch next to Kurt, and the testing commenced!

two cats on a cats playground
Source: Abram Engle

The calming cat speaker appeared to be effective. As Abram recounted:

“He was pretty calm. He stared at the stuffed animal a little bit. He was not showing any signs of aggression.”

He later added:

“Kurt was calm. He was chilling. My mind was blown!”

However, Abram noted an important factor: Kurt had already been lying down, somewhat sleepy. 

Feeling that the test might be skewed, he resolved to conduct another trial later when Kurt was fully awake and primed for some good old feline mischief.

two ginger cats
Source: Abram Engle

Later on, Abram relocated the stuffed animal upstairs, positioned the speaker four feet above the ground, and awaited Kurt’s arrival. 

Knowing that Kurt typically bolts up the stairs and attacks the toy upon sight, Abram braced himself for what he thought was coming. 

When Kurt eventually appeared, Abram observed with anticipation. Kurt approached the stuffed animal cautiously and at a measured pace. 

Despite a peculiar attempt to nibble on its whiskers, Kurt remained generally composed. All the while the music from the speaker played in the background.

Abram described the encounter, saying:

“He was calm. Kurt stretched beside him then laid down and my mind – was blown!”

Kurt’s undeniable calmness confirmed the effectiveness of the speaker!

two ginger cats in the house
Source: Abram Engle

Although Abram was initially convinced that the magical calming speaker for cats was a complete scam, he ultimately found it to be worth his investment. 

He captured the entire testing process and shared it on his YouTube channel. The video is not only entertaining but also packed with useful insights, making it a must-watch.

But before you head over to watch it, I’ve got to ask: Have you given this speaker a try yourself? Or are you considering it? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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