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11 Photos Of People With The Senior Pets They Adopted To Enrich Their Golden Years

11 Photos Of People With The Senior Pets They Adopted To Enrich Their Golden Years

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Most people aim to adopt a sweet kitten or a young cat, rather than an adult or senior one. Sometimes it’s because they feel that adjusting a small kitten to a new home and/or new pets is easier. 

Or they want to raise a pet cat their whole life, or for some other reason. Anyway, these people have no idea what they’re missing!

Adult or senior cats still have so much love to give. They’re sweet and loving, and every cat deserves a home. Especially if you’re looking for a pet that’s more calm and easygoing, then a senior cat is the choice for you. 

Check out these 11 heartwarming adoption stories, where people set out to adopt a kitten or a young cat but found that the purrfect, and only, choice for them was a sweet and loving senior feline!

1. “Pirate Cats”

When the lockdown began, these kind-hearted folks decided to adopt a kitten, as “work from home” meant lots of time for cuddles. 

However, they came home with two adult cats! They were both special-needs cats, an adult boy, and his senior meowmy. 

“During Covid we adopted two “pirate cats” – they are the light of our lives!”

two cats with one eye
Source: Twitter

2. Rico Hit The Jackpot

This fluffy cutie was suffering from L1 syndrome, but he hit the jackpot with his new fur-ever mommy.

black cat laying down on a pillow
Source: Twitter

3. Black Senior Cat, But Doesn’t Look A Day Over Three

These folks went to adopt a kitten, thinking it would be easier for their other pet cats to adjust to it. However, the husband fell in love with this beauty:

black cat laying on a box
Source: Twitter

4. The Persuasive Willy

This person went to the SPCA, where a one-eyed senior adopted them! They didn’t even get a chance to choose which kitten or cat they wanted; this gray tomcat chose them.

“Then he helped convince a farm feral to move indoors with us. Willy’s the most persuasive fellow!”

grey cat with one eye
Source: Twitter

5. A 13-Year Old Horatio

As his owner says “He is pawsome!” Horatio was around 5 years old when she adopted him and from day one he’s been a total mama’s boy. He still is.

domestic cat
Source: Twitter

6. Cute Cali

Her now-forever owners found her abandoned in a parking lot. How can anyone be so cruel? 

cat laying in a cat bed
Source: Twitter

7. A Fantastic Feline Family

Their owners shared:

“Adult cats have a much harder time finding homes, especially the older ones. Every rescue of mine has been an adult cat. Here’s my family now.”

two cats laying on the bed
Source: Twitter

8. This Senior Kitty Begged To Be Adopted

This senior cutie never gave up, approaching everyone who came to the shelter, hoping to get adopted. Her owner shares: 

“Her name is Frieda and she was in the pound for a year. I watched her get up and sit by every single person. I admired her persistence and she slept with me the very first night and kept feeling my face all night. The poor thing.”

cat sitting on a sofa
Source: Twitter

I bet now Frieda couldn’t be happier!

9. Living Their Golden Years To The Fullest

These two furballs found their purrfect owner after living with many cruel owners before. The tuxedo kitty is now older than 12, while the orange boy is around seven years old. 

Fortunately, the tuxedo boy hadn’t been in a shelter for too long, only about a week before his beloved owner adopted him. Whereas the orange boy was about to be put on Craigslist. 

Craigslist?! Can you imagine? His owner says he’s the sweetest cat ever, and can’t believe his former owner planned on putting him up on Craigslist. 

black cat and ginger cat sleeping
Source: Twitter

10. Curled Up And Loving Her New Home

This senior beauty was super shy when she got to her new home. Her owner shares how hard it has been to earn her trust and love, but it was so fulfilling and rewarding as well. 

cat cleaning itself
Source: Twitter

11. A Big 7-Year-Old Baby Tabby

This lady went out of her house with one goal in her mind: to adopt a kitten.

Well, the universe had a different plan. She ended up adopting this sweet tabby boy whose eyes begged for love. 

“It was love at first sight. I couldn’t wait to bring him home and spoil him silly. Meet Eli.”

cat in toilet
Source: Twitter

Well, Eli, and the other ten felines, got their happily ever after. Who knows what hardships they’ve endured to get to their loving fur-ever homes.

Now they’re safe and sound, and will undoubtedly enjoy their golden years to the fullest. Whose adoption story did you like the most?

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