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5 Mistakes Almost Every Cat Owner Does With Their Cat’s Litter Box

5 Mistakes Almost Every Cat Owner Does With Their Cat’s Litter Box

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If your cat isn’t using their litter box or you catch them “doing their business” outside of it, don’t worry! You might be making some common mistakes without even realizing it. 

According to Molly Kelsey, also known as The Cat Counsellor, there are five common mistakes that almost all of us do but don’t even know about. 

She shared some tips on Instagram to help you and your feline friend. 

#1 Provide Enough Litter Boxes

confused cats

What do you think, does your cat like sharing a litter box? Nope! Not having enough litter boxes can stress out your cat and lead to accidents around the house. 

Make sure to have one box for each cat, plus an extra one, just in case. The simple rule goes as follows: one per cat, plus one more!

#2 Keep The Litter Box Clean

woman cleaning cats litter

Cats are clean creatures, and they probably won’t ever use a dirty litter box. I don’t think any of my cats have ever done it. Scoop the waste regularly and change the litter weekly to keep it fresh. As Molly explains:

“Cats by nature are clean animals and will find being forced to use a dirty litter box an unpleasant experience, or they may refuse to use it altogether. Ensure that the box is cleaned and litter is replaced regularly i.e. weekly.”

#3 Right Shape & Size

cat in the box

Cats have preferences too! Choose the one that is at least 1.5 times the size of your cat. For older or disabled cats, opt for a litter box with low sides for easy access.

#4 Choose The Right Litter

heart in sand

Some litters have fragrances and additives that can bother your cat’s nose. Go for low-dust, highly absorbent, unscented litter made from small pellets or sand-like material that clumps well.

“Many litters on the market are made to cater to us, rather than the cats who use it. Fragrances and odor-control powders are common additives, which can irritate a cat’s airways and sense of smell.”

# Location Is Key

cat entering the box

Cats like privacy when they do their business. Well, doesn’t everyone? Place their litter boxes in quiet and private spots. Try to put them away from food and water bowls as this will make them more appealing to your kitty. 

And the same applies to other litter boxes, try to place them as far away from each other as possible.

“While a litter box isn’t the most aesthetic item in the home. Where they are located goes a long way in being appealing to your cats for daily use.”

three cats and five boxes

Keep your cat happy and your home clean with these simple litter box tips!

Note: If you’ve tried these tips and your cat is still having issues, it’s a good idea to see your vet. There might be an underlying health issue causing your cat’s behavior, and they can help you rule out any serious health concerns.

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