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How To Stop Your Cat From Jumping On The Counters

How To Stop Your Cat From Jumping On The Counters

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Have you ever caught your kitty prowling the countertops like they own the kitchen? It’s like a daily surprise party, right?

But before you get too feline-frustrated, let’s unravel why our furry friends have a knack for countertops and, more importantly, how to reclaim your culinary kingdom from their curious claws.

First Off, Why Do Cats Jump On The Counters?

cat sitting on a counter

The why? Well, it’s written in their DNA. Dr. Ray Spragley, a renowned vet from Zen Dog Vet in Tuckahoe, New York, spills the beans:

“Cats like to go on counters to observe their territory. They instinctually want to seek higher ground. As a predator, it gives them an advantage when hunting prey and monitoring for other predators entering their environment.”

Plus, let’s not forget that sun-soaked counters are basically kitty magnets, serving as both warm snooze zones and potential snack spots.

But let’s be real, when your kitty takes that gravity-defying leap onto your counter, it’s not just for the view. Nope, it’s all about attention-grabbing antics. Cats, am I right? And do they care if it’s positive or negative attention? Not a whisker.

How To Keep Your Cat Off The Counter

cat walking on a counter

Now what do we do to reclaim our kitchen countertops? Dr. Sprangley shares his advice:

1. Keep it spick and span: A tidy counter is a cat-repellent. No food smells, no new playthings – less incentive to explore. Oh, and consider investing in a cat tree to redirect their climbing shenanigans. As Dr. Sprangley notes:

“They are much less likely to explore on the countertop if they do not smell food there or have many new items to interact with. An owner may want to place the cat tree close to the kitchen if the cat constantly makes it onto the counters.” 

cat looking at food bowl

2. Relocate the treats: If your furry friend is sniffing for human treats up high, feed them more or stash the goodies at ground level. Bye-bye, countertop cravings!

3. Clicker magic: Yup, you can train your furball. Dr. Spragley swears by clicker training to coax them to preferred perching zones. It’s like a secret language between you and your cat, saying, ‘Behave here, get treats there.’ Easy-peasy.

photo of cat on a counter

Follow the steps provided by Dr. Sprangley: Gently redirect your kitty to their perch, click when they’re settled, and then give them a yummy treat. Repeat till they’re clicker-savvy pros. As Dr. Sprangley says:

“After a few times, they will begin to associate the clicker with treats and will enjoy perching in that location.”

Armed with this cat-savvy intel, you can finally reclaim your counter space for the important stuff – like whipping up your culinary masterpieces without a feline audience!

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