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Stray Pregnant Cat Urges This Woman To Let Her In The House Only To Deliver Her A Furry Surprise

Stray Pregnant Cat Urges This Woman To Let Her In The House Only To Deliver Her A Furry Surprise

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It’s a well-known fact that cats are sneaky, especially when it comes to their maternal instincts. Pregnant stray cats have to be even sneakier in order to safely deliver their kittens and protect them from potential danger.

After this stray black cat got pregnant, it was clear she just knew exactly what to do.

This black cat, later named Salami, had been on the streets for a longer period of time. But, once the cat got pregnant, she knew she needed to take things into her own paws and take care of her future babies.

two cats outdoor
Photo from: @idafloreak

Before she got pregnant, Salami found her way to Ida Floreak, a painter from New Orleans. She noticed Floreak’s cat, Bruce, in the backyard and was clearly interested in him. Unfortunately, he didn’t care about Salami. Still, that didn’t keep her from going there every day.

Floreak finally noticed a stray black cat coming to her house every day, so she started putting out food for her. Salami would come every morning, meowing in front of the door as though she was announcing her presence. After that, she would happily eat her meal and disappear. 

black cat eats
Photo from: @idafloreak

Floreak hoped that she had gained Salami’s trust and she tried to catch her to take her to the vet, but it wasn’t successful. Salami still kept her distance from Floreak, despite all the free food she gave her.

Florek didn’t give up. She was determined to get Salami’s trust so that she could get her spayed and vaccinated.

After some time, Floreak noticed that Salami’s belly was getting bigger and bigger. She was clearly pregnant.

It was too late for the spaying procedure, but Floreak was hoping to gain her trust so that she could provide Salami and her future babies with the best possible care. Eventually they started bonding. 

Salami became more comfortable around Floreak and she felt safe around her. She spent more time around the house and even started cuddling with Floreak.

Salami liked it there because she felt secure and comfortable, so when labor time came, she knew where she wanted to be – at Floreak’s house. Floreak said:

“She came by at 5 and was squeaking very insistently in a way that seemed out of character. So I let her in and she started to have her babies around 8 or 9 in the morning.”

Floreak was surprised and happy at the same time because she felt like she had finally won Salami’s trust. She provided her with a quiet place and blankets so that she could deliver her babies in peace. 

Salami delivered two beautiful kittens and after some time, Floreak concluded that she finished delivering her babies. Little did Floreak know that the biggest surprise was yet to come.

In the evening, Floreak was on a Zoom call with her friends when Salami started delivering again. She delivered another two kittens. Floreak said: 

“I was super nervous never having seen or done anything like this before. But to watch her, it was clear she just knew exactly what to do. It was a really intense experience.”

Watching Salami with her kittens, Floreak concluded that she was an amazing mom, so sweet and attentive. Later on, Floreak successfully provided each kitten with a loving home and family.

She decided to keep Salami with her. That turned out to be the best decision ever, especially because of their story, and because of how much they bonded. 

What’s even better is that Floreak’s other cat, Bruce, quickly adjusted to its new roommate. They get along very well, and every one of them is exactly where they need to be!

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