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Behind Pspspsps Cat Memes: Why Cats Respond To Pspspsps Sound

Behind Pspspsps Cat Memes: Why Cats Respond To Pspspsps Sound

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Have you ever heard someone say “pspspsps” to a cat and wondered what it means? It may sound like gibberish, but it’s actually a form of communication that cats understand!

I’ve said “pspspsps” to cats probably a million times (and it has caught the attention of cats every single time!). And I’ve seen a million pspspsps cat memes online as well!

In this article, we’ll explore why exactly we say “pspspsps” to cats, and try to unravel all mystery behind this particular form of human-to-feline communication.

So why do we say “pspspsps” to cats? Keep reading to find out! 

Also, I hope you’ll like the pictures I’ve prepared just for you!

Why Do We Say “Pspspsps” To Cats?

the cat is standing on the woman's head

It is not uncommon for cat owners (or anyone else) to make a pspspspsps sound to get a cat’s attention! We’ve all done it, right?

Saying “pussy, pussy, pussy” is another popular way to catch a cat’s attention!

And why do we do it?

To catch a cat’s attention, of course! If a cat is near you, but not paying attention to you – you can use a pspspsps sound, and the kitty just might come to you!

This sound is a soft hissing noise, and it is meant to be quiet and non-threatening, so the cat is very likely going to come towards you (reluctantly, most likely)!

Some people may also make a similar sound when they want to play with a cat and get the cat to come closer, just like the person in this video:

Why Do Cats Respond To The “Pspspsps” Sound We Make?

Theory No. 1: It Reminds Them Of The Sound Their Prey Makes

a woman cuddles with a cat

One theory is that the sound mimics the sound of a small animal (onomatopoeia), such as a mouse or a bird, which are a cat’s natural prey.

We tend to forget our felines are one of the most efficient predators out there, so it’s no wonder the sound of prey catches their attention!

By making a similar noise, we may be able to grab their attention and engage their predatory instincts.

Theory No. 2: They’re Curious To See “What’s Up”

Another theory is that the sound simply captures the cat’s attention and causes them to focus on us.

Cats are known to be curious animals, and they may be drawn to the “pspspsps” sound out of a desire to investigate and understand what is happening.

Fun fact: This curiosity is thought to be related to their natural predatory instincts, as cats are constantly on the lookout for potential prey!

Theory No. 3: They Know Someone Wants Their Attention

Finally, some people believe that saying “pspspsps” to cats is simply a way to bond with them and show them affection.

Cats are social animals (although many people believe they’re not – that’s a common misconception) and often respond well to positive attention and interaction from humans.

By making this noise, we can show felines that we are interested in them and want to spend time with them!

What’s The Origin Of The “Pspspsps” Sound?

a woman is holding a cat in her arms

Well, the answer might surprise you: we don’t know!

It’s unclear where the “pspspsps” sound specifically originated from or how it became associated with trying to catch a cat’s attention.

But there is one thing we know for sure – it’s been around for a long time and will continue to be used for many years!

Do Cats Like The “Pspspsps” Sound?

a woman sits and caresses a cat

It’s not necessarily that cats “like” the sound of “pspspsps.” 

Some cats may be more responsive to this noise than others, but it is not necessarily a sign that they “like” it…

Instead, the sound may grab their attention and cause them to focus on us, the source of the noise.

Cats are known to be curious animals, and they may be drawn to the sound of “pspspsps” out of a desire to investigate and find out what is happening around them!

Some cats may respond to the sound of “pspspsps” by becoming more alert and focused, as the sound might put them in the “hunting mood”!

Ultimately, the response of an individual cat to the sound of “pspspsps” may depend on the context in which it is used and the particular cat’s personality and preferences.

Why Do Cats Respond To Strange Noises Humans Make (Such As The “Pspspsps” Sound!)?

Have you ever noticed that when you make a strange noise or sound near a cat, they often perk up its ears and start looking around for the source? It’s almost as if they’re trying to figure out what the noise means.

Humans make strange noises; cats respond because they are social animals, as they recognize the sound of the human voice.

It turns out that making strange noises around cats is actually a way for us to communicate with them. 

5 Reasons Cats Respond To Strange Noises Made By Humans

• Curiosity

We all know cats to be very curious animals, right?! Because of this, cats may be drawn to investigate and understand what is happening when they hear an unfamiliar noise (such as the pspspsps noise!).

• Predatory instincts

The noise mimics the sound of a small animal, such as a mouse or a bird, which could engage a cat’s predatory instincts.

• Attention-seeking behavior

Cats are social animals and may respond to strange noises to seek attention and interaction.

• Playfulness

Some cats may respond to strange noises as an invitation to play, especially if the noise is followed by movement or other stimuli that resemble prey.

• Training

Cats can be trained to respond to specific noises or sounds, such as a whistle or a clicker, to communicate and reward good behavior.

Let’s Not Forget: Pspspsps Cat Memes

The use of this sound as a way of catching a cat’s attention has been incorporated into many funny cat memes. You might have seen one or two on Instagram yourself.

Let me show you a few of my favorite ones!

Where does it hurt
Photo from: @officialbadcat
the cat stands on the pentagram
Photo from: @cat_judgement

A Must-Have: Pspspsps Cat Sticker!

A “pspspsps” car decal has become popular lately. Have you seen it around?

Check out how cool this cute cat window decal looks:

a beautiful cat is sitting on the roof of the car
Photo from: @braddudenhoffer

Cat lovers, these window bumper stickers may be available online or at stores selling pet-related items! I’m even considering putting one on my laptop or a car window!

Wrapping Up

Whether we are trying to engage a cat’s predatory instincts, capture their attention, or show them affection, the sound of “pspspsps” serves as a unique form of communication between humans and cats.

The practice of saying “pspspsps” is widespread and will definitely stick around for a long, long time!

While the exact origin and history of the “pspsps” sound is unknown, it is clear that this peculiar sound has a powerful and enduring place in our interactions with furry friends!

I will definitely continue saying it. What about you? If you’ve never tried it, please do! And go and check out some funny pspspsps cat memes (there are a lot of them on Instagram)!

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