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Pretty Litter Color Chart – When Colors Speak To Us (2023)

Pretty Litter Color Chart – When Colors Speak To Us (2023)

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Once your cat “goes to the bathroom,” Pretty Litter changes color in the spot in the litter box that’s been used. This is a great way for early detection of potential health issues.

However, this litter is not a scientifically proven diagnostic, and it should not be used in place of regular vet checkups. 

Pretty Litter should only be used as a helpful indicator of potential health problems that would otherwise go unnoticed or only be noticed in the latter stages when your cat develops other symptoms.

Continue reading for my review and for a better understanding of how Pretty Litter actually works. Who knows, maybe you’ll switch to PrettyLitter today.

Pretty Litter Color Chart: The Meaning Behind Colors

Look at the following infographic to understand what each Pretty Litter Color means.

Pretty Litter Color Meaning table

What Kind Of Litter Is It?

PrettyLitter is a crystal litter that reacts to the acidity of your cat’s urine by changing color. If everything is within a typical pH range, it becomes yellow or green. 

High pH levels cause the crystals to become blue. High pH levels, according to the PrettyLitter website, frequently indicate a bacterial UTI. 

When exposed to low-pH urine, the crystals become dark orange, which is frequently associated with metabolic acidosis and renal tubular acidosis, both of which are precursors to kidney stones. 

Red crystals suggest the presence of urinary tract inflammation, blood in the urine, or a urinary tract infection (UTI). This is a crystal-based litter, so you’ll be unable to eliminate pee clumps during everyday clean-ups. 

The only method to ensure that all of the crystals are saturated is to observe color changes and the smell of the litter. 

PrettyLitter can be obtained in one of two ways. Go to their website, complete a few questions to determine how much of it you’ll require each month, and then sign up for the subscription service to have cat litter delivered to your house every 3 or 4 weeks.

Alternatively, this litter is available at Target and Walmart shops, making it easy to give the litter a try without having to worry about canceling anything if you don’t like it.

Health Monitoring

owner cleaning cat's litter

Pretty Litter’s distinguishing feature is that it claims to assist in monitoring your cat’s health. It accomplishes this by embedding pH-detecting particles into the silica gel crystals so that they change color when exposed to cat pee.

Everything from UTIs to urinary inflammation can modify the chemical composition of your cat’s urine, and even minor changes can indicate a health issue. Why is this good? It allows you to detect problems while they are still curable.

Cats are infamous for hiding their ailments, which explains why so many things go unnoticed for so long. By using Pretty Litter and keeping track of the results, you are actively caring for your cat and safeguarding it from health problems.

Pretty Litter Color Chart In-Depth

cat sitting in yellow litter

Dark Yellow Or Olive Green – these hues indicate healthy cat urine, which means it has a pH within the normal range.

Blue Or Dark Green – these colors are caused by high alkaline levels. It might indicate a urinary tract infection or the beginning stage of kidney disease. If you spot dark green or blue colors in your cat’s litter box, consult your veterinarian.

Orange – this color might indicate that there is too much acidity in your cat’s pee. It might be a marker of a variety of conditions, including metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis, which is usually missed in cats in its early stages.

Red – if there is red color in the cat’s litter box, this is alarming! This demonstrates blood in urine, and it can indicate a variety of conditions ranging from internal injuries to bladder stones. 

By using PrettyLitter, you can act quickly and possibly notice any severe health issue sooner than usual.


Overall, it appears to work well. The science underlying it is sound and has been validated by credible authorities. Most people do not consider health monitoring while purchasing cat litter, but perhaps they should now.

In summary, Pretty Litter makes it easy to provide the finest possible care for your cat while also helping to keep them healthy, which is the ultimate advantage. You may test it out here if this seems like the right option for your pet.

Note: Pretty Litter is not a substitute for professional treatment. You should still see your veterinarian on a regular basis. The goal is to discover a urinary tract infection, a nutritional issue, or something else that could otherwise go unreported.

Before You Buy

little kittens in litter

Choosing the incorrect cat litter may lead to a range of issues for both you and your pet. If they dislike it, they may stop using the litter box, which nobody wants.

Consider what you most want to accomplish before deciding on a brand to try. Is your present litter too dusty, clumpy, or messy? Is it irritating to the cats’ paws?

All cats are unique and can be picky little rascals when they want to be, so getting their litter box installed correctly is critical. Using a silica gel like Pretty Litter is ideal for a cat who enjoys soft sand and a house that smells fresh and clean.

Now, let’s have a look at my unbiased PrettyLitter review.

My Pretty Litter Review

cat sitting in red litter

When I made my first order, I bought it to compare this type of litter to another one. You can read more about it in Pretty Litter Vs Kitty Poo Club: Which One Is Better?

I wanted to give it a try once again, and as you all know, I have six cats, but one of them only uses one litter box. So, I decided to put the Pretty Litter in that one, so I could get the best results.

In this Pretty Litter review, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this brand, including its influence on your cat’s health and anything else you need to know about it.

About The Pretty Litter Brand

Pretty Litter, founded in 2015 by Daniel Rotman, has grown from strength to strength, gaining a passionate consumer base and featuring on various important TV shows.

The tale behind its development is one that any pet lover can relate to. After his pet Gingi died from an undiscovered fatal illness, Rotman set out to preserve cats’ health. He now wants to ensure that it doesn’t happen to anybody else.

About The Product

Pretty Litter is an unusual crystal litter. Through carefully engineered color-changing particles, it has terrific odor control and assists owners in monitoring their pet’s health.

This litter detects substances in your cat’s pee to detect early indications of illness or other health concerns.

Because of the very absorbent gel beads and odor-fighting capabilities, one bag lasts about one month (for single-cat households). It is comparable to other silica gel litters, including top brands like Fresh Steps and Frisco. 

It is suitable for several cats, as are other crystal litters, and outshines ordinary litter in terms of overall performance. This relatively new product, on the other hand, stands out for its colorful method of health monitoring and is really catching on.

Pretty Cat Litter: Pros And Cons

dark green litter

You can find it on their official website, Amazon, or Chewy.


✅ comfortable on cat’s delicate paws

✅ color-changing qualities aid in monitoring your cat’s health

✅ effective odor control

✅ less dust than most other cat litter types

✅ easy subscription


❌ price might be too expensive

❌ loses in absorbency if your cat pees/poops more times in one spot

❌ some customers reported that the bag didn’t last a month

Terrific Odor Control

As much as we adore our felines, there’s no denying that nobody wants their home to smell like cat pee, let alone cat poop. One of the most difficult issues cat parents have with cat litter is odor control.

We researched a variety of products, and I found Pretty Litter to be one of the best for odor control. Even with many cats (because all of them had to go in and try the new litter out), the litter easily disguised the odors.

Odor control is, as I always say, useful and helpful for several reasons:

• The higher the odor control, the fewer litter clean-ups.

• Cats do not like using a foul-smelling litter box, which can result in your cat refusing to use it entirely.

• When you’re not so worried about the smell, you have more options for your litter box location.

• Cat pee contains a lot of ammonia, and the stench might cause allergic responses in certain people. Odor management is not only good for your cat but also for your health.

High Absorbency Levels

cat using her blue litter

This type of litter is incredibly absorbent. It performed great, considering that one cat used it all the time, and my other five cats also came a few times to check it out. 

It performed greatly with solid waste as well; quickly dehydrating it, even though it’s non-clumping. A litter that absorbs quickly immediately means a dry box, which means less tracking. 

Also, most cats avoid damp litter because they don’t like how it feels on their paws, so you have to replace it more frequently. With Pretty Litter, you don’t need to change the batch so frequently because it is highly absorbent.

Note: follow the measuring guidelines that come with the litter bag so you’ll know how much litter to use for maximum absorbency. 

For me, the litter performed excellently almost every time, only at the end of the bag I realized that the silica gel crystals were substantially less effective in the spot where my cat had gone a few times.

Cats Like Its Soft Texture

Regular litter may be rather harsh on your cat’s feet. Many cats are bothered by clay litter, for example. Pretty Litter is composed entirely of ultra-fine silica gel crystals that resemble sand.

My cats warmed to it quickly and seemed to enjoy the way it felt. Trust me, your life will be much simpler if your cat is content with its litter. If you decide to try Pretty Litter, know that switching to a new cat litter might be difficult with some cats. 

The best way to do it is to start gradually. I always do this when I want to try out a new type of litter. Mix in the new type with the old one, and gradually add more and more of the new one until the old one is no more. 

Pretty Litter performed great even when mixed, its absorbency and odor control were visible; however, the color properties were not as bright. 

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for my cats to get used to it (I guess they’re used to me trying out different litters every couple of months lol), so I soon switched completely to Pretty Litter.

Non-Clumping Litter For A Cleaner Litter Box

kitten sitting in litter

Silica gel generates far less dust than most other litters (typically clay). It is also great, considering it’s a non-clumping litter, which makes litter box cleaning much simpler. 

I probably don’t need to tell you how useful this is if you’ve ever had to scrape a clump of litter from the bottom of the litter tray. 

When we used Pretty Litter instead of standard litter, we spent far less time cleaning the litter box, which we can all agree is a huge green tick for the company!

Additionally, there was some dust in the Pretty Litter when we initially poured it, so we cannot declare it dust-free. It was, however, far finer and less hazardous dust than clay dust.

It wasn’t nearly as sloppy, but it was clearly present. Keep this in mind if dust is an issue for you and your house.

Easy To Clean + It’s Lightweight

Carrying big bags of cat litter is hardly one’s favorite duty, and it may be quite tough for some. You don’t have to be concerned with Pretty Litter. I was amazed by how light the first bag was!

Because of the nature of the silica gel, the product has essentially little weight. Owners with older cats who struggle with scooping and changing litter will see a significant improvement.

Eco-Friendly…To A Degree

Pretty Litter is much less toxic to the environment than other ordinary brands, although not as eco-friendly as recycled or all-natural litter brands. It does not emit any hazardous chemicals or dust.

However, unfortunately, it is not biodegradable. Because silica gel crystals do not degrade fast, they are not an ideal choice for composting.

Pretty Litter should not be flushed! You can flush the solid waste when you scoop it out, but dispose of spent litter in normal garbage.

Pretty Litter Is Safe For Cats

Many experts, vets, and cat fanciers approve of Pretty Litter, myself included. Pretty Litter was developed by scientists and veterinarians, with safety for cats as their primary goal!

How Does The Subscription To PrettyLitter.Com Work?

Pretty Litter can be delivered to your house once a month. The Pretty Litter subscription is ideal for busy cat owners who are frequently caught off guard because they have forgotten to stock up on litter! The delivery methods are adaptable. 

Choose between a monthly delivery of your selected quantity or a three-month supply sent every 12 weeks. We enjoy this function since it simplifies our lives and eliminates the need to rush to the store before the bag runs out.

Final Verdict

cat sniffing her litter

Pretty Litter is an appealing choice for owners concerned that there is something wrong with their cat’s health. When I was concerned about my cat’s potty habits, I found this to be a must-have buy. 

Although I found no evidence of a feline lower urinary tract disorder (which I was concerned about), I was able to set my mind at ease and offer further information to the veterinarian.

However, whether Pretty Litter is a wise purchase for you will be determined by a variety of factors. Overall, I believe Pretty Litter has more pros than cons, making it an excellent choice for any household worried about their cat’s health. 

To conclude, let’s look once again at the most notable pros and cons I discovered. 


✅ gentle on the cat’s paws

✅ color-changing properties for easier health monitoring

✅ efficient odor control

✅ less dust


❌ price

❌ one bag can’t last for a whole month in multi-cat households

❌ the litter loses absorbency if your cat uses the same spot multiple times

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