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This Adorable Crooked-Faced Kitty Has An Amazing Rescue Story To Tell

This Adorable Crooked-Faced Kitty Has An Amazing Rescue Story To Tell

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I have to say, Pinocchio the cat is the absolute definition of adorable. This handsome furry boy isn’t just beautiful in his appearance, he’s people-loving and all about having a blast. 

Despite facing several health challenges, he’s a real trooper, showing everyone that nothing can stop him from living his best life. Thanks to his determination, strength, and the incredible support of foster care and rescue teams, Pinocchio is rocking it.

So, let’s dive into the heartwarming journey of this extraordinary cat. It all began when Jacqueline Santiago from Friends for Life Rescue Network first saw a photo of him. 

At first, she couldn’t quite put her finger on what was different, but she knew something wasn’t quite right. However, when she met this sweet kitten in person, everything became clear. 

From A Malnourished, Sad Cat To The Sweetest Crooked Snout

When Pinocchio first arrived at the rescue center, Jacqueline said: 

“He came malnourished, dehydrated, and infested with fleas.”

At just 3 months old, Pinocchio was as small as a kitten half his age. However, size wasn’t his only issue. 

This little guy had a long list of medical problems, including a large hernia requiring surgery, a crossbite affecting his canines, a crooked nose, and possibly hydrocephalus. 

Despite all these obstacles, Pinocchio was all about spreading love to everyone he met. Jacqueline described him as a super cheerful little guy who seemed to adore everyone, from humans to cats and even dogs.

A New Chapter In Pinocchio’s Life

Once Pinocchio’s rescuers realized how much care and attention he needed, Pinocchio found himself under the care of foster mom, Mel Lamprey. She listed out all the health issues this brave cat already faced and will keep facing as he grows up:

• Eye issues• Gastrointestinal issues
• Tented skull• Heart murmur
Dental issues• Enlarged heart
• Deviated septum• Collapsed lung lobe
• Chronic upper respiratory infections• Possible neurological issues

That’s a lot for such a little cat! However, Pinocchio keeps pushing forward, getting stronger with each passing day. As Mel puts it:

“I can’t believe how much this strong boy has been through, and he still has his ‘I’m great, I can do anything’ attitude.”

And it’s not just his can-do spirit that shines; he’s got plenty of cat-titude as well.

Pinocchio is also a huge goofball. His crooked face gives him a perpetual half-grin that makes him look like he’s passing judgment on people.

However, that’s just his unique appearance, and nothing stops him from sharing his magical smile with everyone he meets.

Speaking of magic, just take a look at Pinocchio and the face that’s been melting hearts since his very first photo was posted online:

He’s simply too adorable! If you fell in love with Pinocchio’s charming face and incredible story, you’re in luck. Mel regularly posts updates on his daily adventures so feel free to check out Pinocchio’s Instagram and keep up with him.

This little guy needed a special family to look after him, and who better than his foster mommy Mel, who dedicates her time to rescuing and caring for special needs animals?

Yes, Pinocchio has had his fair share of health challenges, but this little guy is living his best life. He’s making friends left and right and capturing the hearts of everyone he meets, including mine!

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