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Rescued Cat Becomes A Buddhist Monk And Refuses To Eat Meat

Rescued Cat Becomes A Buddhist Monk And Refuses To Eat Meat

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Although it sounds unreal, the headline you just read is actually true: There’s a cat named Haetal in this world that looks like she’s doing some serious praying in a Buddhist temple, and get this – she’s a vegan. Let me spill the deets on her story!

cat lying on red mat
Credit: Kritter Klub

A couple of years back, after wrapping up his usual monk duties, the head Buddhist monk stumbled upon a tiny kitten in the garden. This little feline’s cries echoed through the sanctuary, desperately trying to get someone’s attention. 

Since the kitten was all alone and seemed abandoned by her mom, the monk took pity on her. He decided to rescue her, gave her the name Haetal, and offered her a loving home in his Buddhist sanctuary.

monk petting a cat
Credit: Kritter Klub

Ever since then, Haetal has been living a rather peaceful life. She’s taking cues from her owner so seriously that people jokingly say she’s a monk in disguise! 

Her little white paws are always in a modest prayer position, eyes slightly closed, giving off vibes like she just achieved nirvana. The chief monk says:

“She doesn’t move at all when putting her paws together in a prayer. She maintains that position for a long time, whether someone shows up or not.”

Folks who swing by say she’s amazing, has great endurance, and can out-pray most humans!

cat lying next to monks
Credit: Kritter Klub

Haetal doesn’t really like getting bothered during her service. She likes it when people keep their hands off while she’s in her zen mode because hitting that zen state is a top priority for her. 

But hey, no service lasts forever, and even Haetal needs a break now and then. Especially when it’s grub time! 

After a solid prayer, you’d think some tuna or chicken would hit the spot, right? Well, not for Haetal because, believe it or not, this little lady isn’t into meat!

cat looking away from meat
Credit: Kritter Klub

According to the monk, Haetal never dug the smell or taste of meat. Offer her some regular cat chow, and she’s turning her nose up, just like the first time she did! The monk says:

“She doesn’t even want to try the meat. Once I added some fishy odor to some of her food, and she only ate the food without the odor.”

What she does dig is any kind of stew, especially the soybean one, which she loves sharing with the head monk. 

According to him, this extraordinary kitty even sheds a tear or two when she eats her favorite food. Whether it’s soybean stew, red paper paste stew, or kimchi stew, Haetal’s shedding tears, probably out of appreciation for the meal.

cat eating from monk's hand
Credit: Kritter Klub

Haetal’s not just a zen cat; she’s also a softie. 

One time, the monk heard her meow – something she never does. When he went outside, he found her gently stepping on a rat. Not to harm it, but to get the monk to put it somewhere safe. 

Haetal’s all about cherishing every living creature! 

close-up photo of cat with closed eyes
Credit: Kritter Klub

Hope you enjoyed this intriguing story as much as I did. Not every day we stumble upon fascinating tales, especially when they involve our beloved feline friends. 

Haetal’s story is definitely more than meets the eye, and I’m stoked I stumbled upon it. Cheers to the vegan monk cat!

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