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Where To Find Savannah Cats For Sale In The UK (Reputable Breeders List)

Where To Find Savannah Cats For Sale In The UK (Reputable Breeders List)

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These unique and exotic-looking shorthair cats called Savannah cats are extremely popular nowadays. 

Savannah cats are hybrid cats that appeared due to the crossbreeding of a male African Serval wild cat and a Siamese cat.

Due to their wild genes, this breed is not recommended for everyone, especially inexperienced owners. Therefore if you’re looking for a cuddle with your feline friend, you should choose some other cat breeds, as this one is not your perfect match.

The Savannah’s coat may appear in colors such as brown spotted tabby, silver spotted tabby, black smoke, and black. There are several types of Savannah and they’re marked from F1 to F8.

F1 Savannah is the one that has the highest percentage of the Serval cat genes; therefore, it’s the most expensive.

So, after this short introduction to the Savannah cat’s world, if you think you can handle this cat, check out our 5 top Savannah cats for sale in UK.

5 Top Savannah Cat Breeders In The UK

Savannah Cat walking on grass

Look at the following breeders and find the best Savannah kittens for sale in the UK!

Breeder Location Contact
Dotty SavannahsAlton, Hampshire, UK UK 07889196167/[email protected]
Stylisticat Savannah Scotland, UKUK 07734222882/[email protected]
SavannahglamPeterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK UK 07985522981/[email protected]
Suffolk SavannahsEast Suffolk, UKUK 07895434241/[email protected]
Kent SavannahsCanterbury, Kent, UK UK 7724525581/[email protected]

1. Dotty Savannahs

Breeder Info

Location: Alton, Hampshire, UK


Phone number: 07889196167

E-mail: [email protected]

Check out: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

The Dotty Savannahs is a TICA and SAC (Savannah Cat Association) registered breeder specializing in F3, F4, and F7 Savannah cats.

The main goal of this breeder is to provide each cat and kitten with the best health care and with a lot of love and attention, including proper socialization so that the kittens are ready to leave the cattery when the time comes.

Check out their website and sign up for the waiting list of available kittens. 

Also, it’s important to mention that, from time to time, they put their retired breeding cats for adoption, so this is another excellent opportunity to get a Savannah cat if you don’t necessarily want a Savannah kitten.

Before checking out their page and looking for available kittens, check out their short but adorable video! I dare you to try not to fall in love!

2. Stylisticat Savannah

Savannah Cat looking at camera

Breeder Info

Location: Scotland, UK


Phone number: 07734222882


Check out: Facebook, YouTube

This TICA-registered breeder is exceptional because it breeds Savannah cats from F1 to F8, but it also specializes in Serval kittens and cats.

Their primary focus is on the appearance and the temperament of the Savannah cats, including their health. 

Because they want to provide future Savannah owners with top-quality kittens, they test their HCM and other genetic diseases to ensure they’re completely healthy.

Their kittens are trained and well-socialized before leaving for their future homes. 

The most important part for those who don’t live in Scotland is that if you want a Stylisticat Savannah cat, worry not, as you can arrange a kitten delivery from the breeder.

As Savannah cats are highly energetic, they need a lot of exercise. Luckily, this breeder pays attention to everything; here’s how an F1 Savannah kitten runs on a cat wheel!

3. Savannahglam

Savannah Cat looking away

Breeder Info

Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK


Phone number: 07985522981

E-mail: [email protected]

Check out: Facebook

As a result of their extreme passion for Savannah cats, their appearance, and temperament, this breeder decided to start a Savannah cat breeding program. Before that, the breeder focused on Bengal cats.

The breeder is located near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, and they’re happy to welcome future Savannah owners, but only by appointment.

Savannahglam breeder is a member of TICA, and their main focus is on producing superb quality Savannah kittens with an excellent temperament.

So, if you are interested in this cattery, check out the breeder and keep up with their website for available kittens, or contact them if you have any questions.

4. Suffolk Savannahs

Savannah Cat sitting outside

Breeder Info

Location: East Suffolk, UK


Phone number: 07895434241

E-mail: [email protected]

Check out: Instagram, Facebook

Suffolk Savannahs is a hobby breeder of exotic and unique Savannah cats, located in East Suffolk, UK. 

The breeder is passionate about Savannah cats; therefore, they’re fully committed to their breeding program. Their main goal is to produce top-quality, healthy, well-socialized cats with great personalities. 

This is why the breeder produces and raises kittens according to the breed standard and is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA).

Their cats & kittens are given regular health checks and are raised in their family home. The kittens are socialized and trained from a young age and are used to other cats and dogs as they live with a Bengal house cat and a Border Collie named Gypsy. 

The breeder currently produces SBT F2 and F3 Savannah kittens, so, if you’re interested in the Savannah kittens that this breeder offers, check out their website and available kittens and contact them if you find your purrfect match!

5. Kent Savannahs

Savannah Cat standing on grass

Breeder Info

Location: Canterbury, Kent, UK


Phone number: 7724525581

E-mail: [email protected]

Check out: Instagram, Facebook

Kent Savannahs is a TICA and SAC registered Savannah cat breeder that specializes in F6, F5, F4, F3, and F2 Savannah cats.

They’re a responsible Savannah breeder; therefore, their main goal is to produce healthy kittens according to TICA standards.

With that being said, all of their cats and kittens are fully vet-checked, vaccinated, tested for genetic diseases, and microchipped before leaving the cattery.

Additionally, with your kitten, you also receive a pedigree and complete documentation. Besides health checks, the breeder ensures that their cats and kittens are provided with a lot of space where they can be trained and socialized properly. 

So, check out their available kittens and arrange a visit if you fall in love with one!

The Savannah Cat’s Price

Savannah Cat sitting on bed

Considering that Savannah cats are hybrids of African Serval cats and how exotic they are, you can assume that these cats are very expensive. These cats are very expensive, mostly because of their origin, appearance, and temperament.

Due to their wild origin, these cats aren’t recommended for first-time, inexperienced cat owners as they can be highly demanding.

There are several types of Savannah cats, which means that their price varies. So, keep reading and find out the prices for specific types of Savannah cats.

F1 Savannah Cat

F1 Savannah cat contains the highest percentage of the African Serval cat’s genes. Because of that, this type is also the largest one.

• Savannah male – the price ranges from $11,000 to $15,000.

• Savannah female – the price ranges from $15,000 to $20,000.

F2 Savannah Cat

F2 Savannah cat has 30% African Serval cat genes, but it’s way less than F1 Savannah. Therefore, the price of this type of Savannah cat is a bit lower.

• Savannah male – the price ranges from $5,000 to $8,000.

• Savannah female – the price ranges from $5,000 to $9,000.

F3 Savannah Cat

F3 Savannah cats are often a perfect choice for a family cat as they have more domesticated personalities. Check out their pricing!

• Savannah male – the price ranges from $1,500 to $4,000.

• Savannah female – the price ranges from $1,000 to $4,000.

F4 Savannah Cat

The F4 variety of a Savannah cat looks more like a domestic cat than a wildcat, but it still has 15% African Serval cat genes.

• Savannah male – the price ranges from $1,000 to $2,500.

• Savannah female – the price ranges from $1,000 to $2,000.

F5 Savannah Cat

F5 Savannas are completely different when compared to the F1 Savannah, because they are more similar to a domestic cat.

The body is much shorter and their behavior is the closest to domestic cats. Still, they contain around 11% Serval cat genes.

• Savannah male – the price ranges from $1,000 to even $5,000

• Savannah female – the price ranges from $1,000 to $2,500.

It’s interesting how the price of an F5 Savannah cat suddenly increases. The reason may be that F5 Savannahs still have the Serval cat genes and that exotic wild cat looks, but are much smaller and more domesticated, making them perfect family pets.

F6 Savannah Cat – the price ranges from $,2000 – $6,000.

F7 Savannah Cat – the price ranges from $2,000 – $5,000.

F8 Savannah Cat – the price ranges from $2,000 – $3,000.


What Is The Difference Between a Savannah And A Serval Cat?

The main difference between an African Serval cat and Savannah is that a Serval is a wildcat originating from Africa, while a Savannah is a hybrid cat from an African Serval and a domestic Siamese cat.

Both cat breeds have an exotic, wild look, making them very different from other cat breeds. However, Savannah cats have a more domestic and friendly temperament, similar to other domestic cat breeds.

When Did Savannah Cats First Come To The Uk?

It’s known that Savannah cats came to the UK somewhere in the late 1990s. However, the very first Savannah kitten appeared in 1986, thanks to Judee Frank, who decided to cross breed a male African Serval cat with a domestic Siamese cat. This resulted in the first Savannah cat.

The Savannahs became popular very quickly and thanks to Kelley and Joyce who presented the breed standard, the TICA finally accepted the breed in 2001.

Final Thoughts

Savannah Cat looking up

This article is perfect for everyone who lives in the UK and is passionate about Savannah cats because it provides you with the best Savannah cats for sale in UK. 

This cat breed has an attractive appearance and friendly temperament; however, due to the wild genes of a Serval cat, these cats aren’t for everyone.

If you plan on getting yourself a Savannah cat, you should learn many things about this breed.

If you’re hundred percent sure that this breed is your perfect match, then this article should be helpful to you as it provides you with the five best Savannah cat breeders in the UK.

Check them out carefully, contact them for everything you need, and hopefully, you’ll make yourself happy with a sweet little friend.

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