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Senior Cat Spent Years Caged Up In A Shelter Until Her Luck Changed

Senior Cat Spent Years Caged Up In A Shelter Until Her Luck Changed

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Sadly, senior cats are often overlooked in shelters. People usually adopt kittens or younger cats, leaving the senior sweethearts behind.

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Credit: YouTube

MK, a gorgeous tabby cat was rescued from a busy highway road a few years ago. Once they placed her in a shelter, the poor soul spent years without a single adoption application. 

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Credit: YouTube

She had trouble getting along with other cats in the shelter, so MK spent most of her time caged up. Little did MK know, her senior years would soon become truly golden. 

Brittany and her husband decided to adopt a cat from their local shelter and once they arrived an instant bond was created. The shelter staff opened her cage, and MK instantly hugged Brittany. As Brittany said in her video:

“She immediately came into my arms, immediately clinging her claws to me and holding me, and rubbing her face against me.”

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Credit: YouTube

Brittany filled out the adoption papers and MK was finally on the way to her forever home after years spent in the shelter.

Once MK came home, she showed her new parents just how sweet she was. MK was constantly asking for snuggles and attention, as her mom shared:

“She’s very comfortable with me. She has a motor when it comes to purring. She’s very loving, compassionate, very emotionally intelligent cat.”

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Credit: YouTube

Whenever Brittany was feeling sad, MK was on a mission to cheer her up. She would start meowing at her, almost as if she was trying to tell her everything would be fine. As Brittany said:

“She brings my energy down to a very meditating level.”

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Credit: YouTube

In addition to being the sweetest cat possible, MK is also very considerate of her new home. She never goes near Brittany’s plants and most of the nights she sleeps peacefully – without the notorious 3:00 am zoomies!

From an abandoned stray cat life to a loving forever home MK won the lottery in life! She is showered with love and attention daily and her parents even advocate for senior cats.

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Credit: YouTube

Brittany emphasizes the importance of adopting senior cats from shelters, giving them the best possible golden years.

She hopes more people will open their homes and hearts to those senior sweethearts as she did for MK!

If you want to keep up with this adorable snuggle bug, make sure to follow her over on Instagram!

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