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Smart Shelter Kitty Makes The Saddest Face For Days Until He Finally Scores His Forever Home

Smart Shelter Kitty Makes The Saddest Face For Days Until He Finally Scores His Forever Home

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Everyone knows that cats are the sneakiest, smartest, and, dare I say, the cutest creatures in the entire world. However, this little ball of fur takes it to the next level. 

Meet Otie, the clever cat from Louisville, Kentucky, who grew tired of shelter life and devised a brilliant plan to find his forever home.

First, let me tell you a little something about Otie’s pawrents, Alyssa, and her husband, who are both passionate cat enthusiasts. 

On a day when Alyssa was feeling a bit down, her thoughtful husband decided to cheer her up by taking her to their local PetSmart in Louisville to see some cats Relationship goals, am I right?

Upon seeing Otie, Alyssa was instantly captivated. There he was, striking the most dramatic pose, with the saddest face she had ever seen.

Otie’s depressed expression intrigued Alyssa, and she found herself visiting him every day for a week. Each visit revealed Otie in a different pose but always with the same sad face. 

Alyssa became so captivated by him that she couldn’t understand why such an adorable cat was still available for adoption. 

It probably had something to do with his sorrowful look, which might have led people to think he wasn’t very friendly or adoptable.

At that time, Alyssa and her husband were already the proud owners of two beautiful felines and hadn’t planned on adopting a third one anytime soon. 

However, something about Otie made them have a change of heart. So, after waiting a few days for the adoption papers to be processed, they welcomed Otie into their loving family. 

Otie’s strategy had worked; his efforts to look as pitiful as possible to get adopted had finally paid off!

When Alyssa and her husband brought Otie home, he instantly felt at ease. It was clear to everyone that he was relieved to be finally adopted. 

He quickly took to his new surroundings and his new feline siblings, particularly forming a close bond with his fluffy brother Curtis.

More than anyone else, Otie has grown to adore his mom, Alyssa. 

He loves to follow her around their home and be in her presence no matter what she’s doing. Even if she’s taking a shower – Otie is right there, making sure his mommy is safe.

“He’s very protective of me. He likes to be wherever I am, and he likes to know that I’m okay and that I’m there with him.”

Otie is also a great biscuit maker! He adores kneading on Alyssa as a way to show his love and, sneakily, to earn some extra treats. I must say, he’s truly a clever one!

Otie is extremely affectionate and loves cuddling with his human on the couch. He seems to have a superpower in sensing when Alyssa isn’t feeling well. 

In those moments, he drops everything and rushes to her side to offer comfort and chase away any gloom.

“He very much has the weighted blanket effect where he will crawl up on me if I’m lying down, having a bad day. He’ll crawl up on me and just lay there and let me hold him. It just is that unspoken bond and connection. It’s amazing the power of cats on your mental health. They just make everything better.”

Wanting to share how special Otie is with the world, Alyssa first posted his photos and videos on his brother Henry’s Instagram

As Otie’s popularity grew, she decided to open a dedicated Instagram account for him, which turned out to be a great idea. Today, Otie entertains thousands of people worldwide with both memes and motivational content.

Otie is also famous on YouTube where he stars in a special Cat Soap Opera called Winds of Change alongside his brother Henry. 

I’ve watched a couple of episodes, and trust me when I say – it’s hilarious! Winds of Change might just become my new favorite TV show. 

I hope you enjoyed this story about Otie who is, as his mom says, “the purest soul”. If you wish to see more of him, head on to Instagram and give him a follow. 

Also, feel free to comment below your thoughts on Winds of Change. I’m eager to find out what you think about it.

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